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Jesse Kelly Radio Show enjoys ratings su...

This week, Hubbard Broadcasting’s Joel Oxley and other news executives painted an alarming picture of the plight of local journalism in an affidavit before the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Bill (HR 1735) is at issue. The law would grant news media, including TV and radio stations and newspapers, an “antitrust […]

New radio station and tracks Dr Dre

Finally, something to look forward to in GTA Online. The contract will be one of the best post-launch updates GTA Online has seen and we can’t wait to see how Franklin Clinton rose through the ranks to a position of power after the Union Depository Heist which featured in Grand La. Theft Auto V single-player […]

Boston’s groundbreaking radio station WB

In the early 70’s, Here Now‘s Robin Young worked at Boston’s powerhouse AM radio station, WBZ. But something wonderful was happening on the all-new FM dial: DJs were playing deep album tracks, saying whatever they wanted about the Vietnam War or women’s and gay rights. When Young asked his boss if he had heard of […]