GOT7it is BamBam was recently a visitor to the Thai TV show The driver and shared a shaggy dog ​​story of his first encounter with one of the many hosts.

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It was BamBam’s first time on the show, but he revealed he had spoken with the host before. Pramote Pathan (also called Oat Pramote Pathan) who is a DJ, actor and singer in Thailand. He then revealed that Pramote was the only person in the entertainment industry who used informal speech with him in Thai.

BamBam shared the story of when he called himself in EFM stationthe radio show hosted by Pramote. BamBam said his mother was a fan of the show and he tried calling them 100 times before he was able to go on air.

When linked with the hosts of the on-air show, Pramote had used the phrases goo and meung in Thai while talking with BamBam, which are laid back and can be offensive if used outside of conversations with close friends.

Pramote clarified that when BamBam called him, he thought the idol was a prank. Listeners recognized BamBam’s voice, and Pramote quickly began receiving text messages from BamBam subscribers informing the host of his mistake.

Pramote said that when he checked BamBam’s Instagram and noticed the variety of followers he had, he realized the extent of BamBam’s fame. He then jokingly told BamBam that he should have said he was famous.

Pramote took this opportunity to set the record straight by playfully telling viewers that he would never have addressed him informally had he acknowledged that he was hugely well-known. All was forgiven, they usually continued with the pleasant interview.

GOT7 has officially confirmed that their self-titled EP will be released on May 24.

You can try BamBam’s full interview below!