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Media ethics questioned as mayors of Alb...

A prominent media ethics expert criticized the decision of two mayors on the NSW-Victorian border to continue to co-host a commercial radio show. Key points: Commercial Breakfast at the Border radio co-hosts now in mayor positions Situation criticized by media ethics expert who says it undermines local democracy Mayor says she and her counterpart will […]

Call for tech firm Dukinfield hits TV –

Dukinfield-based computer technology company ZenTec Network Solutions was featured on the BBC last weekend. Their long-running campaign, which made headlines in The Reporter, was launched in lockdown to help children study at home. The company continues to collect laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets, MacBooks and iMacs to be donated to families through schools and charities in […]

SMI Reports Record Advertising Spend In ...

To share Tweeter To share E-mail SMI reported that the Australian media agency market defied lingering concerns over COVID to hit a record high ad spend for any month in November 2021 after reporting a 1.5% increase in investment in media to $ 852.0 million to also ensure a record level of advertising spending for […]

A conversation with the “chief storytell

Nick Ragone, JD, explains how Ascension’s marketing strategy is guided by the organization’s mission and its emphasis on storytelling. Everyone has a story worth telling, and healthcare organizations can use this tool to connect with their patients and consumers. One organization that looks at storytelling is Ascension, a large nonprofit health care system headquartered in […]

Bob Saget’s latest social media post is

Clearly looking to the future, Bob Saget’s latest tweet concluded, “I’m addicted to this shit again. ** Check out for my dates in 2022,” (via Twitter). The comedy legend had performed in Orlando on January 7 at Hard Rock Live and January 8 at Ponte Vedra Beach Concert Hall. It was then scheduled for […]

Clear Media Network Launches ‘The Radio

Clear Media Network Launches ‘The Radio Daze Podcast’ The Radio Daze podcast Clear Media Network is launching a new industry podcast titled “The Radio Daze Podcast”. The program is hosted by Mark McCray, the company’s president of programming and operations, who is also an award-winning morning personality. The podcast is about real stories in the […]

Hannity lashes out at Democrats, media f...

In his “Opening Monologue” Thursday, Sean Hannity highlighted the Democrats’ lingering hypocrisy in their Congressional investigation into the January 6, 2020 Capitol Riot, while ignoring more than 500 other riots that left behind hundreds of blocks of American communities burned down or looted. The “Hannity” host went on to point out that Democrats and the […]

The basics of project development for a ...

Project management image courtesy of pxhere and posted under Creative Commons Universal A media organization should always be attentive to changing demand and audience behavior. This involves constantly reviewing what is produced to ensure that it is relevant to those who consume it. There is so much competition in the internet age and it’s easy […]

The campaign wants to include abortion r...

Abortion rights advocates have taken a first step toward amending Michigan’s Constitution to ensure abortion rights are protected if Roe v Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. The campaign, which includes Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, submitted petition language for an amendment that would replace a long-dormant state law that […]

Reputable newspapers back 1st Amendment ...

Last week I posted a video on my Facebook of Dr Robert Malone who is the inventor of mRNA technology and is himself vaccinated. In it, Malone warned parents that the vaccine is not a good idea for children, but Facebook decided it was a post that needed to be censored. Here is a doctor, […]