Finally, something to look forward to in GTA Online.

The contract will be one of the best post-launch updates GTA Online has seen and we can’t wait to see how Franklin Clinton rose through the ranks to a position of power after the Union Depository Heist which featured in Grand La. Theft Auto V single-player campaign. One thing worth watching, however, is the upcoming update for radio stations in The Contract expansion. Here’s what we know so far …

The Contract Radio Update – Everything We Know So Far

The contract will introduce “an eclectic new radio station from some very special guest hosts” alongside a “huge and one-of-a-kind package” of updates to existing stations. All we know about the new songs at the moment is that some of them will be unreleased tracks exclusively made for Dr. Dre.

Not only is this a huge display of the power of rock star games – highlighting how the Grand Theft Auto brand has “star power” and “pull” – this is also fantastic news for fans of GTA Online driving and a welcome addition for those of you who exclusively enjoy the racing scene of GTA Online. There are only a limited number of times you can listen to the same selection of songs, and while they were expanded in the re-release of Grand Theft Auto V on current gen consoles, they are getting a bit obsolete now.

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MIXTAPES – The contract is all about record production

At this time, we don’t know the extent of this playlist update – however, the contract adding anything to the existing radio stations available in GTA Online is a step in the right direction. The game needs new music!

The contract is set to launch on December 15 across all platforms and introduces new story-based content starring Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre, along with a slew of new vehicles, weapons and additional gear, as well as as several new investment opportunities and activities.