ARBRE-MENDOUS: The cherry tree is honored as part of the celebrations.

An ornamental cherry tree has been planted at Hyde Youth and Community Centre.

The tree was planted by Tameside Young Carers to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Teagon Forbes and Fergus Penney planted the tree representing Tameside’s 480 young carers.

They were watched by other young carers and staff.

Also present were the Trustees of Friends of Tameside Young Carers, who had organized and funded the event.

Special thanks to DB Garden Nurseries, Hyde, for sourcing and delivering the tree, to Tameside Operations and Green Spaces for preparing the ground for planting and to Brian Travis for having prepared the plate support.

Friends of Tameside Young Carers was established in 2008 to support young carers in Tameside aged 8-18 by providing access to recreation, sport and leisure activities so they can have the same experiences as their peers .

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