The fourth season of the Overwatch League is upon us and The morning news from Dallas brought back the tradition of chatting with OWL casting talent about Dallas Fuel. Caster Matt “Mr. X” Morello answered a call to talk about Fuel in their upcoming games against the Houston Outlaws on Friday and the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.

Note: this interview took place before the fuel announces the retirement of DPS player Jung “Xzi” Ki-hyo. So give Mr. X a little slack.

Answers have been edited for length and brevity.

Starting off strong, you and the rest of the Plat Chat team had Fuel ranked seventh, which would make them the fourth best team in North America. What fluctuation do you think there is with this place? Is there a ceiling or a floor?

Morello: “In fact, I think there is a lot of fluctuation with this place. One of the things we talked about was team volatility in the sense that if you get a really good meta for a Genji or a Doomfist, that team could really explode and play higher than we expected. But there are also meta where there are holes in this team in terms of what they can play and be good at.

“I think for the cap … they could hit # 1 or # 2 in a great meta for them. But I don’t think the bottom is that low. They’ll still be better than a lot of teams. of NA, but they might not qualify for a milestone title or something like that.

There is hype around Fuel again, and it tends to be the start of a cycle for this team that didn’t lead to victory. What can this team accomplish that others haven’t?

Morello: “I think when you look at this team against the previous Dallas teams, I think this one has the most realistic expectations of what the roster actually is. In the past, there were high expectations for the Dallas roster with a lot of hype, but the team never looked like that or it was realistic. This list does and has the ability to live up to the hype that the organization has for them. Even if they don’t make it, so to speak, they will be much more competitive than they were in previous seasons. They have some really strong players that they can even work with for the future. “

Do you think there are teams that are scarier than others, more than in the past? Last year it seemed inevitable that the San Francisco Shock would be in the championship. Do you have the same vibe now?

Morello: “This year the league is probably better than it has ever been. When you look around you can see teams like Dallas who in previous seasons you might have said they didn’t look good. But the reign of Atlanta, I also rank very high. You have Gladiators and Shock. At full power, Philly could be really good and there’s Shanghai. There is so much competition, and this is only the top end of the league.

“If you look at Boston because they were pretty poor last year, they’ve improved a lot. Toronto made a good team. Even though you’re fourth in NA this year, it’s a lot better than the other years because the league is so tough in terms of competition.

Much of this team’s critics attack DPS or tank lines so they don’t have specific heroes in their pools. How valid are those concerns and could this team have their own niche team metas that are good enough to compete with league metas?

Morello: “That’s the thing, they have holes, but so are a lot of teams in the rest of the league. You have to ask which composition you want to play. With (Kim “DoHa” Dong-Ha) on the Sombra, or something like that. I think the only obvious hole is who would play Tracer for this team. (Kim “Sp9rk1e” Yeong-han) could certainly play Tracer, but probably not at the level of other elite-type Tracers. I think in a way they can try to define the meta with their own meta at this point. (Jung “Xzi” Ki-hyo) on McCree or Widowmaker, I think that’s very strong. You watch Sp9rk1e on Mei, Doomfist, or Genji. If they get any metas that include these, they could be at the top.

Finally, two difficult matches to start the season for the Fuel. Who do you have in their duels with outlaws and gladiators?

Morello: “I think the Gladiators game is going to be quite difficult. The Gladiators are a very good team coming up this year. Depending on what the meta is at the start, that might tell you how close this game is, but I’d probably still favor the Gladiators. I think Dallas still has enough to overcome Houston. I know there have been rumors that Houston is playing well in the scrims, but I think it might be true. It could be a very difficult first week for Dallas.

“I would give them the win over Houston just because of the Dallas players, but I wouldn’t sleep on the Outlaws.”

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