PJ Kling, Jake Hoefnagel and I present the last of three live webinars showing data from the latest NuVoodoo Ratings outlook study this Wednesday, August 3 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. This is our 20th semi-annual survey focusing on respondents likely to score in PPM markets, updated in June. Take a seat at nuvoodoo.com/webinars so you can ask questions during our live webinar.

Radio programmers know from experience that protest is a tactic beyond its weight. This factor is likely to become even more true as Nielsen moves to new wearable meters and adds an incentivizing new smartphone app to the panelist experience.

We see again in the latest data from the Rating Prospects study that those who are likely to appear in the PPM samples are much more likely to have played a radio station contest recently. While just under 3 in 10 in our total sample of weekly radio listeners say they’ve entered a radio station contest in the past month, that number jumps to 2 in 5 among those likely to take part in the rankings. (labeled “RPS Yes”) – and almost half of the subset of this group who listen to the radio at least one hour a day (labeled “RPS 60”).

Not surprisingly in today’s economy, we haven’t seen any reduction in the size of the cash prizes needed to grab attention. Going back to our 16th valuation outlook study two summers ago, we see a clear difference in the percentages that would be attracted to a cash prize of $500 versus a cash prize of $1,000. Two summers ago, there was only a 12-point gap between the percentages that would play for a $500 prize versus a $1,000 prize. But the new study shows a 20-point gap between the $500 and $1,000 prices.

Especially in the PPM marketplaces, it seems that the proliferation of group contests with a heavy prize promotion of $1,000 every hour for weeks has driven up the price of contests. As our marketing guru PJ Kling notes, “If your company is running a big national contest, these results bode well because we know that most contest entrants are blissfully unaware of national contests, and those who do, just don’t care.” PJ and his team also have solutions for organizing and promoting $1,000 contests on stations that cannot otherwise afford to give out hourly prizes at this level.

In our presentation, we will also answer the best way to wrap contest money and what are the best contest mechanics. Including answers to attendees’ questions, the sessions lasted less than 45 minutes, but there’s a lot to report:

  • We’re updating our understanding of what motivates potential PPM participants in the face of Nielsen’s new smartphone app.
  • We take a fresh look at the audio landscape as lives return to an updated version of normal and spend more time behind the wheel and away from home.
  • With so many social media apps in the news, we dive into the daily and chronic use of the major platforms (how bad is the news for Facebook, Insta and Twitter?).
  • Marketing dollars are valuable, so we’ll show the most effective advertising mediums for different constituency formats.
  • Who are the people who really connect with the stations versus those who think there’s nothing special about the radio?
  • The kinds of lifestyle information listeners crave – and where they think they’ll find it.
  • Which listeners are most interested in new music and how many rely on radio to connect with new songs.
  • Biggest disconnect engines beyond ads.

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