Viking FM’s Ellie Brennan announced that she would be leaving the radio station in March.

In a touching reveal on their breakfast show, Ellie sat down with her co-presenter Alex and told listeners about her decision.

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Ellie has been with Viking FM for four years now and thinks it’s time for a new challenge.

Since her debut in January 2018, Ellie has become a fan favorite and will be dearly missed by her listeners.

On air, Ellie said: “I’ll be honest, it’s kind of hard for me to say because I love doing this show every day with Alex, but I decided it was the right time. for me to leave the Breakfast Show.

“I don’t want to get emotional right now, because I’m not leaving until the end of March, so we have a few months before I can start crying and telling you I love you.”

Ellie broke the news with co-host Alex

Jokingly, Alex chimed in, “I thought you were announcing you were going to color your hair! What’s that!?”

Ellie continued: “I’m here until March so we’ve got a few months where we’re going to have the best time as usual.

“I love this show, I love working at Viking, it’s been an absolute joy and we have so much fun.”

Ellie ended by telling Alex, “I wanted to tell you now because I gave you plenty of time to plan a really good start for me, so if you could just work on that!”

Ellie has done amazing events with Viking FM
Ellie has done amazing events with Viking FM

Speaking to Hull Live, Ellie said: “I will miss the stories we hear every day from listeners who make us laugh, there hasn’t been a day at work that I haven’t laughed out.

“I will really miss working with Alex who has become one of my best friends – I’m really proud of what we’ve done together.

“Especially our parody songs…No Fair Compares 2 U which we wrote about the cancellation of Hull Fair last year are a particular favourite!!”

Speaking about her best times on Viking FM, Ellie said: “The things we did with our listeners, like when we took a ship full of people to Amsterdam on P&O Ferries and had a huge game show and party.

“Or when we celebrated the last World Cup together at the Sutton Fields pub or the year we had a Christmas party at the Firepit in Beverley and a few hundred listeners did karaoke with us.

“I laughed every day… and few people can say that when they went on holiday an international pop star replaced them. Thanks again Calum Scott!”

Ellie said she had a fantastic time at the station
Ellie said she had a fantastic time at the station

Ellie and Alex fans were understandably upset, with many taking to social media to wish Ellie all the best for her future.

Jayne said: “Oh no!! Mornings won’t be the same without you making us both laugh. Whatever comes your way Ellie, I wish you all the best.

“It was absolutely amazing to have your spark in our lives! Good luck on your next adventure.”

Jade added, “No Ellie, you’re not allowed. You and Alex are doing this show.”

Ellie has worked from home for much of the last year after contracting Covid for a long time
Ellie has worked from home for much of the last year after contracting Covid for a long time

Lynda said: “Aww Ellie. Sad that you are leaving, we will miss you so much. Wishing you much success and happiness in your future. Lots of love.”

Amy tried to see the funny side saying, “Alex you’re gonna have to do your weight in a morning now haha! I’m gonna miss you Ellie! Dynamic duo!”

Ellie returned to the Viking FM studio in December after being ill with Covid-19.

She has been open about her struggles since being diagnosed with Long Covid, which left her “nauseous and tired”.

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