A Covid-19 vaccination campaign created by the University of Bedfordshire has been nominated for a radio award at the 2022 Amplify Awards.

Radio LaB’s #CovidConversations project began in September last year after the station was approached by Luton Borough Council with the idea, following the discovery that the number of young people in Luton who had been vaccinated against Covid -19 was considerably lower than the national average.

The project has now been nominated for Best Awareness Project at the Student Radio’s Amplify Awards, which are backed by Global – the group behind many of the nation’s favorite radio stations.

The series – which aired all winter – was launched with the aim of starting an open and honest conversation about Covid-19 vaccinations with young people in Luton, to dispel myths and crush misinformation about injections.

The series included student hosts and guests discussing various topics that had been identified as concerns for young people in the region, including whether the vaccine affects fertility and the rapid development of the injection.

#CovidConversations also spoke with a host of medical experts, including medical professional and TV personality Dr. Emeka Okorocha and University Public Health Diversity Professor Gurch Randhawa.

Terry Lee, a senior radio and audio tutor who oversaw the #CovidConversations project, said: “It is important that Radio LaB volunteers and presenters try to use the platform they have to make a positive difference in the community at large. This project is a fantastic example of our students highlighting a problem, working with each other and with external organizations to find a solution, and having a wider impact. I am immensely proud of everyone involved.

Some of the students involved in the project have expressed pride in helping to educate Lutonians about the vaccine.

Holly Brown, a third-year media communications student, said: “After being bombarded with misinformation about vaccinations and viruses over the past two years, it felt important to take part in Radio LaB’s #CovidConversations initiative. . I’m glad our voices were heard and the station’s efforts to help the cause were recognized.

Toby Crabb, a third-year radio and audio student, added: “The pandemic has affected my time at university so much, so I strongly believe that getting vaccinated is very important. If anyone was unsure about getting the vaccine, I hope they heard our conversations and felt the confidence they needed to say yes to the vaccine.

“It would be amazing to bring the Amplify Award back to Bedfordshire, but just to be nominated is a fantastic achievement.”

The winners will be announced at the Student Radio Conference, to be held from 19and – 21st April 2022.