“CADA is not just a radio station. It brings Australians closer to the Hip Hop and R&B culture, artists and music they love.

RNA, CADA General manager Emilie Copeland talk to radio today ahead of the official launch of ARN’s new national youth media platform.

At 4 p.m. today, The edge 96.1 will be officially relaunched as CADAAustralia’s homeland of hip-hop and R&B.

Unique, inclusive and exclusive content will be part of the experience.

But why the change?

Emily says “We identified a rare opportunity to reinvent The Edge as a cross-platform youth brand, rooted in Hip Hop and R&B and driven by content.”

“While The Edge has always been a big supporter of these genres of music, the launch of CADA marks a defining moment for artists and fans alike – a home for Hip Hop and R&B in Australia, and an audio platform local and general public dedicated to him.”

And CADA has established itself as an appropriate name.

“What we love about the name CADA is that it evokes cadence – the tempo of music and speech – which is perfect for a brand that champions Hip Hop and R&B artists both locally and in the whole world.”

“CADA provides a new avenue for Hip Hop and R&B artists to showcase their music on a station with national reach, increasing opportunities for local and global artists to reach fans across the country.”

Audio will be the centerpiece of a cross-platform offering.

Emily says creating an integrated content environment will drive engagement and communication with audiences.

“We have a diverse lineup of hosts and content creators. They are an incredible group of talents who each bring something unique to CADA.

“While there are many new faces on the list, you’ll also see a familiar face or two – such as K-Sera (pictured), who has championed Hip Hop and R&B on radio with ARN for many years, and has been instrumental in supporting artists throughout their careers.

“K-Sera’s connections in the global Hip Hop music community provide CADA with incredible opportunities for artist access and content creation.”

K-Sera told Radio Today, “My show will air the 12 hottest hip hop tracks of the day on CADA and introduce our audience to their favorite new Australian or New Zealand artists from 11.30am to 1pm weekdays. We’re also giving the public the option to vote on the new track of the day via their iHeart Radio app – thumbs up or thumbs down.

“And on The K-Sera Show on Monday nights from 6-8pm, I’ll be up close with the biggest international hip-hop superstars, deliver the top 3 tracks from the UK and New Zealand, open the vault and will resurrect some of my favorite hip-hop interview moments from the past 2 decades.

Think 50 cents, Deep mobb, red man, Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, DJ Khalid and Chuck Dto name a few.

Emily says that in addition to the audio content that will be released from CADA through FM, DAB and iHeartRadioCADA also has an in-house production team that can transform video content at crop speed, to ensure it always stays relevant.

“We believe that a great content idea should not be limited to one platform. Therefore, when producing all of our content and ideas, we consider multiple formats and how they could come to life on each of them.”

The CADA talent roster includes ARIA nominated artists, content creators and DJs, fashion designers, chefs and comedians.

And while many CADA talents have their own large followings on social media, Emily says none of them can be accused of being solely influencers.

“They all have their finger on the pulse of music and culture and are able to speak with credibility to young audiences.”

Cada has different meanings in different languages, some of which could apply to the brand that stations are trying to build. In Spanish it means ‘all’ in Sanskrit it can mean “passionate” and in the Indian dialect Maratha it can mean “loose tongue” or someone blathering.