WHUS is UConn’s own radio station broadcasting on 91.7 FM at 4,400 watts to Connecticut, southern Massachusetts and western Rhode Island. After a three-year hiatus due to COVID, Nicholas Lajara has brought back the Nick and Lex Show. Photo by Grace McFadden/The Daily Campus

A University of Connecticut Class of 2020 graduate has gone on a radio show at WHUS after a three-year hiatus due to COVID.

The radio show, called Nick and Lex Show, started in 2019 and was hosted by Nicholas Lajara, a seventh-semester general studies student at the time, alongside his cousin Alexis Feliciano, who was the DJ at the emission.

According to Lajara, the radio show began as a hip-hop show intended to recognize UConn musical artists.

“We started the show mainly to highlight our friends on campus who were singers [and] rappers,” Lajara said in an email.

When it aired three years ago, guests often told stories about themselves and discussed controversial topics. Just like back then, Lajara says no topics are off limits on the show.

“We always keep the mantra that no topic is off limits because it’s important…to discuss anything and everything,” he said. “I learned so much about a wide range of subjects that I had no knowledge at UConn [when the show ran in 2019] and I’m so thankful for that.

“Our dream is to one day host a show at the UConn Theater for students and have performances for artists on campus.”

Nick and Lex host Nicholas Lajara

Although he graduated in 2020, Lajara says he still has a lot of love for UConn and its student organizations.

“I love UConn with all my heart,” Lajara added. “It was an honor to be there and work in radio, and that feeling [is] still there. Even though I graduated, this studio is my home and I hope to be able to create a radio community from scratch.

The show started earlier this month and episodes will continue to air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. To listen to the show, listeners can visit whus.org and click on FM 1, or they can tune to the radio on 91.7 FM, Lajara says. . The station is live in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Lajara said he hopes to make the show well-known and popular among campus students.

“My goal is for our show to become the most well-known show on campus and to be easily recognizable,” he said. “Our dream is to one day host a show at the UConn Theater for students and have performances for artists on campus.”