When Aussie OnlyFans creator Lucy Banks was invited onto KIIS 101.1 Melbourne for a chat, the last thing she expected to find was a partner in crime.

After speaking on the ‘Jase & Lauren Morning Show’ on April 20, Banks was approached by another OnlyFans designer named Mr. Jake, who was intrigued by stories of her lucrative career as a designer. of adult content and wanted to meet her.

After several rounds of will they won’t make it to the radio show, the pair finally met in Perth last weekend and did what can only be described as ‘OnlyFans magic’.

The best part? The radio hosts decided to do a live reaction to the content for all their curious fans to listen to.

“After shooting our scene together last weekend, we sent the radio station a preview of our content; we were shocked when they watched it live on air! Banks said. “They were literally screaming and giving listeners a censored ‘play by play’ of the content they were watching. I’m sure this has never been done on live radio before!

“I want to thank Jase, Lauren and the entire Morning Show team for hosting us, inadvertently introducing us and indulging in our chance encounter over the past two weeks. Jake and I are planning our next meeting in Melbourne, and we look forward to sharing our adventures with KIIS listeners!

The extremely NSFW video evidence can be found on Bank’s OnlyFans page, and subscribers to his content can also enjoy a free trial bonus on Mr. Jake’s page.