TULSA, Okla. — FOX23’s radio partner Mix 96.5 kicked off its International Women’s Day celebration Tuesday morning on the KC in the Morning show.

All day, the radio station will be dedicated to celebrating the incredible achievements of some of the world’s greatest female pop artists by playing only women’s songs for 24 hours.

Between songs, the jocks of Mix 96.5 will share insight into influential artists and their songs as they celebrate the impact of women in music.

FOX23’s Michelle Linn spoke with KC in the Morning co-host Jessica Rose about the reason for the dedication.

“Women are taking control of their music and their brands,” Rose said. “Take for example Rihanna. She said ‘I’m not going to be a victim of domestic violence. I’m going to build a global brand’ and that’s what she’s doing.

Rose also referenced Taylor Swift re-recording her first five albums to make her music her own.

“She’s fighting for control of her music, her catalog of albums,” Rose said. “Who told him to do this? Kelly Clarkson. Who did Kelly Clarkson learn this from? Reba McEntire.

Rose said women deserve recognition for their strength.

“Even though we are resilient, we are still not treated equally. We’re still depressed and we’re still underpaid,” Rose said. “A day like today is to remember [women] that you are not alone and that there are still actions to be taken to move forward.

She said women in their own careers should always be brave, remember that actions speak louder than words and know when to move on from a situation.

“Know when to move on. It’s the hardest choice because we’ve imprinted it in our minds that it’s about quitting,” Rose said. “It’s not about quitting. It’s not giving up. That is to say that my goal has been achieved here. It’s time for me to move on.

Mix 96.5 will be giving away freebies to its listeners all day, and anyone can request a song from the open mic feature on the Mix 96.5 app.

Owasso Liquor and Wine is sponsoring the International Women’s Day celebration campaign.