Tom Holland disconnects. Fans of the actor have noticed he’s been quiet on social media for a while now, but he briefly returned to Instagram on Aug. 13 to explain his break from apps. Holland vulnerably shared with his supporters that his break was a necessary choice he had to make for his sanity.

Often, it’s easy to forget that celebrities aren’t exempt from feeling burnt out, anxious, depressed, or not doing perfectly well. After going about a month and a half without posting on Instagram, Holland surprised his followers by posting a candid video on August 13, which explained that he had decided to step away from social media to protect his mental health. Sharing with her followers, Holland opened up the conversation about mental health and how it can relate to online culture. “I find Instagram and Twitter to be too empowering, overwhelming,” he admitted. On Instagram alone, Holland has 67 million followers, and that number continues to skyrocket with every new project he takes on.

Holland went on to express how social media had affected him: ‘I get caught up and spiral when I read things about myself online and ultimately it’s very detrimental to my mental state. So I decided to take a step back and delete the app. Stepping away from social media can be incredibly difficult, especially when you have such a devoted fanbase as Holland, but he continued to shed some light on his choice and how he intends to pour his energy into the advocacy.

In 2017, Holland’s parents, Nikki and Dom, created The confidence of the brothers (the name being a nod to Holland and his brothers, Sam and Harry), a non-profit organization that aims to advance the conversation about mental health and demand changes in healthcare accessibility mental. Their mission statement reads: “The Trust is keen to shine a light on the charities that are struggling to make their voices heard in the noisy and competitive nonprofit sector – and the charities that can best demonstrate the most effective use of funds for the benefit of those in need and not on a bloated administration.

Holland’s return to social media may have been brief, but he used it to talk about rod4one of the charities Holland supports through The Brothers Trust. Stem4 offers mental health care for teens, young adults, and anyone who needs a little extra care. “There is a terrible stigma against mental health and I know that asking for help and seeking help is not something we should be ashamed of, but it is something that is much easier to said than done,” Holland explained in her video. Stem4 offers 4 applications for mental health care, each with an important mission of its own, which Holland describes in his article.

At the end of the 3-minute video, Holland vowed to continue his social media breakup and offered his love to the fans who stuck by his side. The caption of the video ends with “I love you all and let’s talk about mental health”. If you want to join the fight for change, all proceeds from any merchandise purchased from The Brothers Trust will go to stem4.