Mayor Rufia Ashraf joined the NLive team to celebrate the project.

A youth project featured a new generation of voices on a Northampton radio station.

NLive Radio organized a Nexus Youth Project, funded by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation as part of the #IWill Youth Action Projects.

The program saw NLive Radio staff, presenters and volunteers train and coach young people to become presenters, producers and journalists while encouraging them to engage in social action topics.

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Station manager Martin Steers said: “As a local radio station for everyone in Northampton, we are passionate about engaging with young people, and most importantly training and empowering them to have a voice and talk about issues that concern them. “

The project was a combination of weekly workshops and two one-week courses during the summer vacation.

Across the entire Nexus project, around 25 young people between the ages of 13 and 18 participated.

These groups have worked to produce shows on issues such as mental health, careers and aspirations, and social media.

A celebratory event took place on the University of Northampton Waterside campus and included a short presentation of the project.

There was a live broadcast of a special Nexus youth show on NLive Radio, including talks with Jane Birch, Councilor for Northampton City Council and Rufia Ashraf, Mayor of Northampton, both of whom were in attendance.

Cllr Jane Birch said: “I was absolutely delighted to be a part of the event to celebrate the work and achievements of the young people involved in the Nexus Youth project in collaboration with NLive radio.

“The project provides a great opportunity for young people to come together to investigate issues that affect their schools, friends, families and communities at large.

“The pandemic and lockdowns as well as home schooling presented this age group with unforeseen challenges.

“Being able to work as a team to discuss all of these issues, produce content and distribute on NLive requires a wide range of skills, not only technical, but also research, analysis and presentation – all transferable skills that make them feel confident. and effective communicators.

Rufia Ashraf added: “Young people are our future and it is our duty to guide them in making decisions on how to shape their future careers.

“The Nexus project enables young people to seize opportunities to gain experience and knowledge on which they can go to excel in whatever they want to be.”

NLive Radio is currently reviewing the project and has requested additional funding in hopes of relaunching Nexus early this year with additional lessons, a radio club removal and a dedicated Northampton youth show and podcasts.