Christ’ on KDAR FM


Bethany Bible Church in Thousand Oaks is relaunching its longtime radio program under a new name.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Monday, October 3 on KDAR 98.3 FM in Ventura County, the Reverend Paul Twiss, senior pastor of Bethany, will host “Beholding Christ.”

The show, previously titled “Timeless Truth Today,” was started by former Bethany pastor Lance Quinn in 2016. Twiss took over the program in February after Quinn left to become a senior executive at Expositors Seminary in Jupiter, Arizona. Florida.

“Since last January, Bethany has experienced explosive growth, nearly doubling in size,” said Bethany Deacon Russell Hauth. “We are in the process of trying to accommodate this growth, with a major upgrade to our worship center and plans underway for a new administration complex. These arrangements are difficult, but the widespread enthusiasm generated by our growth allows us to move forward.

Of Twiss, Hauth said, “He is a scholar. He is a wonderful exponent and teacher.

Those who miss the Monday-Friday broadcast on KDAR can listen online at beholdingchrist.org.