Clay Travis calls out sports media for not hosting HBO shows boman jones on par with industry veterans like Bill Simmons.

On Tuesday’s episode of Outkick The Show with Clay Travis he discussed low notes from Jon’s new HBO show game theory and compared it to Simmons’ previous show on the same network.

“Bill Simmons, love him or hate him, was completely crushed by the number of people who watched his show on HBO. Any given Wednesday was no good,” remarked Travis.

“Bill Simmons’ HBO show totally destroyed Bomani Jones’ HBO show. They both do a sports show. Yet, aside from Outkick, hardly any media has even covered the disaster that is the ratings of Bomani Jones shows on HBO,” he continued.

“So why do you think that is?” Why was Bill Simmons totally and completely destroyed for his ratings on HBO when his show was wildly more popular and wildly more influential than Bomani Jones? Travis asked.

“Why was Simmons held high and Jones held low?” Travis asked. “It’s the same reason Bomani Jones got every show he’s ever had. He’s had a radio show on ESPN all over the country. It’s the least successful radio show ever. ESPN ever had. They had to cancel it in order to avoid losing more affiliates. No one ever lost more affiliates. They gave it a daily TV show. It was a disaster, no one didn’t look at it.

“No one in the history of sports media has ever failed and been rewarded more than Bomani Jones, and criticized less. Why so? Because the media is afraid if they criticize Bomani Jones they will be called racists”, exclaimed Travis.

“You can get started on Bill Simmons even though he’s a lot more successful than Bomani Jones could ever imagine or dream of being,” he concluded.

Listen above via Outkick The Show with Clay Travis.

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