FRAMINGHAM – Mikey and Frankie Vinci grew up in Framingham listening to Kiss 108 on their way home from school. Now they have a show on the channel – “Mikey V & Frankie V, The VBros”, airing on weekdays.

“It’s the type of show I’ve wanted to host ever since I started working in radio,” Mikey Vinci said. “It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s unpredictable.”

Mikey – an on-air host of Kiss 108 (WXKS), assistant program and musical director – joins forces with his older brother Frankie – also a host of Kiss 108 – every weekday from 2-7 p.m.

The duo also brought in Gianna Gravalese to add a female perspective to the show.

Mikey Vinci, Gianna Gravalese and Frankie Vinci are the hosts of the radio show Kiss 108 "Mikey V & Frankie V, The VBros," which airs from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.  The Vinci brothers grew up in Framingham.

Gravalese, of Revere, met the brothers on social media. She acts as a producer, choosing the topics for the show, helping with the diaries and mediating “the bro aspects of the show,” she said.

Off the air, his relationship developed with them.

“They’re basically the big brothers I never had,” she said.

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The Vincis have worked in radio for more than 10 years and served as mentors to Gravalese.

“They taught me so much so quickly,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else.”

The trio covers everything from childhood stories to what’s going on in their lives today, taking calls from listeners during the show. “Mikey V & Frankie V, The VBros” is an extension of a solo show that Mikey hosted.

“This team has found the perfect combination of entertaining conversation and great music that resonates with Kiss 108 listeners,” Dylan Sprague, Kiss 108’s senior vice president of programming, said in a statement. “We’re excited to hear what’s in store for this show.”

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The show can also be streamed on the iHeartRadio website, app, and wherever podcasts are available.

Kiss 108, which is owned by iHeartMedia, broadcasts throughout Greater Boston with approximately 1 million listeners per week. The station’s headquarters are in Medford.

The station airs two other talk shows: “Billy & Lisa in the Morning,” from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest,” from 7 p.m. to midnight.

“You are ready to face each other”

Of course, sibling competition happens on and off the air.

“If Mikey tells you it was his idea, don’t believe him,” Frankie said. “It was my idea from the start. He’s been stealing my game since he was born.

Working with the family can be difficult, but the brothers do not focus on these obstacles.

“Jobs on a radio or TV show or creating any type of content, you always have those times when you’re ready to fight or get frustrated,” Mikey said. “But because we’re brothers, it’s easy to bounce back the next day or get through those tough times.”

Mikey and Frankie have presented this show to iHeartMedia for years.

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“It’s not like we got the call and started recording,” Mikey said. “We’ve taken many steps over the past year and a half to get to this point.”

One of those milestones was the success of their podcast, “VBros Worldwide,” which they launched during the pandemic and hosted with their mother, Carol.

“That’s when I felt like our bosses started to hear and realize we had something,” Mikey said.

Frankie credits Sprague for “taking the chance and believing in us to…hopefully drive those ratings to the highest for years and years to come.”

Make a career in radio

Initially, Frankie wanted to work in sports on television. But while he was in college, radio was “something that found me.”

For Mikey, he said Frankie “paved the way” for him to get involved in radio.

The radio took the Vinci brothers across the country.

“Our dream has always been to do a radio show together; however, on the radio, it’s even hard enough to go back to your hometown,” Mikey said.

The brothers made several career changes to make this dream a reality: Mikey worked in Ithaca, New York; Indianapolis and Detroit and Frankie went west to San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento, California.

The Vinci brothers graduated from Framingham High School – Mikey played quarterback and Frankie was a wide receiver on the Flyers football team. The two are excited to return home to host their own show.

“How cool is it to do a show on our hometown station? That’s my favorite part, creating something our friends and family will hear,” Frankie said.

Meet ‘Mom V’

Mom Carol, also known as “Mommy V”, still remembers listening to Kiss 108 while driving the brothers to school.

“It was always a main station…they always wanted this and I marvel at their work ethic, I’m so proud,” she said.

Carol also noted that she wished their father Frank, who died in 2015, could be there to listen to their success.

“He was in intensive care, in a coma, and we brought a radio so…maybe he could hear the boys while he was in a coma,” she said.

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She hopes her sons’ performance will bring people laughter and joy.

Listeners can hear Mommy V share fun facts every Monday on The VBros Show.

Outside of radio, Carol is a special education teacher at Blocks Preschool in Framingham and works in a few MetroWest synagogues.

In addition to “Mikey V & Frankie V, The VBros”, Frankie co-hosts a show on Channel 93.3 in San Diego and Mikey will also host on other iHeartMedia stations across the country.

“It’s 100% a dream come true,” Mikey said. “There is no other job in radio or in the world that I would do.”