On July 18, ESPN will release the first episode of its five-part documentary The captain. The series focuses on the life and career of New York Yankees great Derek Jeter.

While the ad campaign certainly raised public awareness of the project, at least one broadcaster can’t imagine it’s worth the public’s attention.

“Having covered it, interviewed it, I always thought it was very nice not to say anything,” Dan Patrick said Wednesday on his FOX Sports Radio show.

Patrick will be introduced briefly in The captain. A clip from an interview he did with Alex Rodriguez in 2000, while Patrick was on ESPN Radio, is included as part of a discussion of Rodriguez’s relationship with Jeter. During his conversation with Patrick, ARod was very critical of a guy who would eventually become his teammate.

Patrick also revealed that the long-running rumor about how Derek Jeter treated the women he slept with is about to be debunked. Jeter makes his first public comments in 11 years on a 2011 story in the New York Post That said, he arranges for the women to have a town car and a gift basket waiting for them the next morning. According to the initial story, the basket included a signed baseball. The whole story is made up according to Jeter.

“There’s no reason to look now!” I know how it ends! Patrick joked.

While the gift basket story is ripe for parody, it represents a serious problem for ESPN according to Patrick. This is perhaps the most interesting story to tell about Derek Jeter.

“He, sort of from start to finish, did pretty well. There were no serious injuries, I don’t think, no arrests, no controversy even with the steroids.

Patrick noted that there were moments of humanity and vulnerability that the last dance interesting. Of course, people have fond memories of those Chicago Bulls teams and Michael Jordan is an icon with influence beyond sports, but what is remembered is how Jordan reacted to the stories that his teammates have told about him and the comments and criticisms that brought him to tears.

If viewers see this from Derek Jeter in The captain, Dan Patrick says this will be the first time any of us have seen it.

“I have a lot of admiration for him as a baseball player. The other stuff? There are guys who give you stuff and some guys don’t.