The total turnover of German audiovisual media is expected to exceed the 15 billion euro mark for the first time in the current year with growth of 2.5% (2021: 14.8 billion euro).

Subscription and advertising revenues in the area of ​​audio and video streaming services will contribute a large part of the growth, while the effects of the tense general economic situation are felt in radio and TV advertising. It is the result of the German Media Market Report 2022 presented today by the professional association VAUNET.

For net advertising revenue from all audiovisual media – radio, TV and advertising in streaming audio and video offers – the association expects a drop of 2.2% over the current year. Television is affected by this negative development with an expected drop in advertising revenues of 6% and radio of 3%. At the same time, advertising sales in the streaming market will continue to grow in double digits, but will not offset declines in linear advertising.

“The current turnover figures for audio and audiovisual media prove the great economic and social relevance of the industry. However, they also show dependencies on overall economic development and, in the area of ​​ad-supported services, reveal the effects of inflation and the expected recession,” said Frank Giersberg, CEO of VAUNET.

“In this situation, commercial media players are more dependent than ever on a fairer regulatory balance of competition with the public broadcaster’s royalty-funded offerings as well as with global technology platforms. Irrespective of this, it is currently necessary to ensure that the energy supply of audio and audiovisual media within the framework of the critical infrastructure is secured with high priority in the event of supply bottlenecks,” added Giersberg.