The 2022 football season has not been very kind to the Miami Hurricanes. Head coach Mario Cristobal believes the media can be a factor in efforts to rebuild the program.

The Hurricanes began the new campaign with a top-25 finish, winning their first two games before experiencing a recent difficult spell in which they lost four of their last five games. It’s disappointing for a team that many expected to compete for an appearance in the ACC title game. But Cristobal told reporters it was difficult to steer the program in the right direction.

“I think you are trying to affect him more than anything. We have, from day one, made it very clear what we are here to do and what we are here to build,” Cristobal said. “Our history has shown that we don’t sell a dream, we don’t sell false hope. We sell the reality of a track record in what we’ve done, where we’ve been and how we’ve done it.

Miami has struggled the past four seasons to break away from a .500 team. The Hurricanes were 8-3 in 2020, but have only had one 10-win season since 2003. During the same span, Miami is 3-11 in bowl games.

Cristobal, who is in his first season as Hurricanes coach, said he sticks with what he has no matter what those who cover the team think of the program.

“We are going with what we started and doing our best,” he said. “It’s a different starting point than other places and that’s great too. There is no bronchus. There is no hesitation. It’s just time to go to work. I don’t think anyone should ever shy away from that or look at it in a negative light.