Inauguration of Duterte in Sara
President Rodrigo Duterte attends the inauguration of Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio in Davao on June 19, 2022. (Screen grab from Radio Television Malacañang’s Interaksyon via Facebook)

Observations on the President Rodrigue DuterteThe body language of the photoshoot at her daughter’s investiture ceremony has gone viral on social media.

Elected Vice-President Sara Duterte-Carpio was sworn in as 15th vice president on June 19, eleven days before outgoing vice president Leni Robredo’s term ends.

The ceremony took place in San Pedro Square in Davao City and was attended by his father, mother Elisabeth Zimmerman and the Marcos family, including his running mate in the 2022 election.

His mentor, the elected representative of Pampanga Gloria Macapagal Arroyowas also present at the inauguration rites.

While Duterte-Carpio’s inauguration was earlier than scheduled, she will assume the duties of vice president on noon June 30, the constitutional end of the incumbents’ term.

She was sworn in before Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ramon Paul Hernandohis former teacher, while Zimmerman held the Bible used for the ceremony.

Duterte’s father, on the other hand, served as a witness.

The vice president-elect said she wanted to proceed with her inauguration by June 30 for her fellow Davaoeños to witness and attend the president-elect. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.‘s inauguration in Manila in person.

For the ceremony, Duterte-Carpio wore a green dress designed by Silverio Englishwho also created the dress she wore during her father’s swearing-in.

After his inauguration, Duterte-Carpio hugged his father who aroused cheers a crowd.

The show of affection was unexpected since Duterte-Carpio reportedly said she had not spoken with the President for almost a year.

Sara Duterte kisses Rodrigo
The incumbent president is kissed by his daughter, Vice President-elect Sara, during his inauguration ceremony on Sunday, June 19, 2020. (Screenshot by @miss_missie via Tiktok)

Despite this, the president wished his daughter well in her new role in waiting as 15th vice president.

Meanwhile, Marcos Jr and his family also entered the scene during the photo shoot and posed with the Vice President-elect and her parents.

The Dutertes were accompanied by the elected president, a lawyer Liza Araneta-Marcoselected representative of Ilocos Norte Sandro Marcos and sen. Imée Marcos.

As everyone smiled, the president continued to wear a somber expression onstage. This lasted until the Marcos walked over to his daughter, but not before Duterte shook hands with his successor and the latter’s wife.

The president then kept his distance until he was directly approached by Imee, whom he looked at with a smile.

The moment can be seen from 1:11:00 a.m. of the inauguration video shared by Radio Television Malacañang on Facebook.

A clip of this was also downloaded by a Twitter user who noticed Duterte’s body language and facial expression.

The user claimed that it looks like the president doesn’t want to talk to the Marcos.

Others have made similar observations.

“Imee literally had to grab Gongdi’s (Digong) arm just to face him when he was clearly dodging them,” said one. online user claims.

“What’s the tea??? Bakit inaakap lahat ni VP unless Father??? Father’s Day Dad. Exciting that. Popcorn please!” joked another Filipino.

ABS-CBN reporter Lynda Jumilla-Abalos also shared a photo taken by George Calvelo, which showed Duterte distancing himself as the Marcos and Zimmerman gathered around his daughter.

“Picture of the day,” she tweeted. Her post has gained 11,700 likes so far.

A Twitter user responded to Jumilla-Abalos by sharing the link of the viral video with the comment “This is probably the video of the day.”

Duterte also appeared as if he was “socially distancing” from immediate family during a photo op before he was asked to get closer.

@vjanvil King of social distancing 😂😂#PRRD #VPSara #SARA #PBBM #BBM ♬ original sound – vjanvil

A month after filing the candidacy certificate for the 2022 elections, Duterte called Marcos Jr a “weak leaderand said that the latter was a “spoiled child” who has “baggage”.

Marcos Jr replied saying it was just “ordinary politics.”

“I think one of the things we learned about the PRRD is that they like to keep everyone on their toes,” he said last April, referring to Duterte’s initials.

“He makes sure everyone thinks seriously about what he’s doing. And I think it was one of those cases,” Marcos Jr said.

But in election month, Duterte’s adviser for political affairs claimed the president had “indirectlyApproved her daughter’s running mate.

“We can probably assume that – you can’t detach the fact that the PDP-Laban approved [Marcos] and at the same time, the president is the president of the PDP-Laban”, presidential adviser Jacinto Paras said before.

Duterte, who was once called a “mom’s sonby one of his siblings, is the son of Soledad Dutertethe respected civic leader of Davao who fought against the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.‘s scheme.

She was known being at the forefront of Davao’s Yellow Friday Movement, which helped stoke the February EDSA revolution that pushed the former president Cory Aquino in power “.

The Yellow Friday Movement was an initiative developed by Mindanao which opposed the administration of Marcos Sr in the 1970s to 1980s.

Known to many as ‘Nanay Soling’, Soledad is remembered as the driving force behind the early years of women’s organizing in the province, dating back to the years of martial law.

In recognition of his role in the anti-dictatorship movement, Aquino asked him to become Deputy Vice Mayor of Davao City.

However, Soledad, who was 70 at the time, suggested that the role be given to his eldest son, Rodrigo, instead.