Yes, this is the month we’ve all been waiting for!

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You know how phone lines blow up during Every Caller Wins, but so we’re giving you more ways to win big with us for our anniversary!

If your call doesn’t get answered, you still have a chance to win R5,000 on social media!

On the big day, take a selfie of yourself by listening to East Coast Radio by clicking here– BUT make sure you have something yellow in the picture!

Share your selfie on social media using the #ECR26 #PaintKZNYellow and could win R5,000 in cash!

Here’s how to listen to East Coast Radio every day this month:

  1. Listen to East Coast Radio on the FM band (frequency modulation) spectrum between 94 and 95 FM on your radio.
  2. Listen to ECR live by click here Where download ecr app (iOS/android).
  3. To listen East Coast Radio on the DStv audio packagechannel 836.
  4. Listen to us on Amazon-Alexa.


Save this magic number on your phone:

087 087 9495 – but call only on Every Caller Wins day.

Do not answer the phone like this:

Here are the best times to call:

Here’s how to increase your chances of getting your call answered:

  • Do not spam Whatsapp line
  • Call in short bursts during the day rather than all the time.
  • Don’t call while they’re talking live – Your call is more likely to be answered during a song
  • Listen to the specific topic we’re asking you to call about. Don’t just say “Happy Birthday ECR”.
  • Expect the phone to answer. A lot of times people put their phones on speaker and when the producer answers there is silence.
  • bonus tip: Don’t call a day before or after Every Caller Wins to ask if you won the money.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Only callers who make it to the air are winners – If your call is answered by a producer, that doesn’t make you a winner. The winners are just the callers who go on air to talk to the presenter.
  • All calls answered will be screened. However, not all preselected callers are played.
  • Callers are aired at the discretion of the Producers.
  • Criteria to be put on the air:
  • Entrants to station/show contests that have been pre-selected subject to standard contest terms and conditions
  • Callers should have clear, quality, audible phone lines.
  • Callers who seem energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Producer decisions are final
  • Callers will go on air between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. on D-Day
  • Only callers over the age of 18 who have not won in the last 90 days can participate.

To find East Coast Radio on the following social media platforms:

Terms and conditions of application!

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