Buchanan, Grand-Basse — A new wave of malicious campaigns aimed at smearing the hard-earned integrity of the Security Experts Guard Service of Liberia, SEGAL, owned and operated by Liberian entrepreneur, philanthropist and politician Momo T. Cyrus, has been launched by unscrupulous losers who are trying to destroy their way to get a contract with ArcelorMittal by scam.

In an article published by Ablee-Jay Radio/TV and Bassa TV, some concerned guards supposedly employed by our company are said to be agitated about the backlog of pay over the past two months and at the same time ‘demystify the allegations” allegedly made by Mr. Cyrus, CEO of the company, that some of the company’s guards were paid US$380, and that on this account the Hon. Matthew Joe, representative of electoral district 3, Grand Bassa invited him for more clarity.

We wonder why Ablee-Jay or Bassa TV hasn’t contacted us to hear our side of the story even though we have a visible office that is very responsive in the county. Isn’t “news balancing” one of the things we learn earlier at the basic level of professional journalism?

But again, as a company that has consistently remained at the top of the private security industry in Liberia over the past few years, we are not surprised by such attempts by some losers to undermine our credibility through strings of calculated lies and propaganda launched to undermine the image of our noble enterprise through various means and platforms.

We can only worry more about the credibility risks such shams pose to the unsuspecting public if we don’t rush to provide the facts immediately, disinfect the air of these outright lies, and permanently confine them to the trash can. to which they rightfully belong.

And so, let the facts lead as always…

First, we currently do not owe any employee a penny in salary.

Over the last few years of our operation, we have always been successful and successful in keeping our salaries up to date for our employees, despite the fact that sometimes as a business we encounter challenges like any other business would. .

As a company that has thrived on excellence, integrity and respect for human dignity over the years, we have nurtured a culture of openness and candor in our company when it comes to handling grievances and have fostered an excellent employer-employee relationship that makes it nearly impossible for any member of our staff to have to resort to having their issues taken to the media or elsewhere rather than dealing with them with management that has always lent an ear watchful.

Therefore, the complaint letter, which has no signatures, names or contacts, purporting to be from some of our employees deemed as aggrieved titles is outlandish, patently misleading and can only be correctly suggested to be a ploy by our detractors.

It is therefore concerning that such a letter without any identifiable author could form the basis of an investigation for the District 3 legislator.
Respecting the law, however, our team met with the Hon. Matthew Joe at the office in his Capitol building to provide these facts and address any concerns the lawmaker may have had.

But as we knew from the very beginning, the aggrieved ghost guards believed to belong to our company did not show up for the conference with the legislator. Not one.

The truth is that lies are very difficult to defend.

The English poet Alexander Pope was right when he said, “He who tells a lie is unaware of the size of the task he is undertaking; because he has to invent twenty others to maintain this one”.

Secondly, at no time did our CEO ever make any comments on the radio revealing our guard salaries in the amount of US$380 or any amount for that matter.

Come to think of it, what entity goes on public media to disclose employee salaries, what is their only private life?

Certainly, a professional security company like ours with a wealth of industry experience spanning many years never will.

In fact, for the past 4 months, our CEO, Mr. Cyrus, has not made any comments or appearances in the media regarding company operations, more so to disclose employee salaries to the public. He was engaged in intensive stakeholder engagements in his home county of Lofa, where he sought the blessing of his fellow citizens to represent them at the elders house.

Therefore, the story that our company owes employees to Grand Bassa for two months and that our CEO leaks on the radio how much they earn in salaries is totally false.

We did not owe employees so long during our formative years when we struggled and certainly cannot now during our boom years.

This misleading information circulating on the various chatroom platforms is the work of a few critics who should not be taken seriously.

As a credible institution, we are proud to be the Liberian-owned company with the highest employment rate.

We are happy to help the government ease its burden by creating job opportunities for over three thousand (3,000) Liberians in 13 of Liberia’s 15 counties and will do everything in our power to keep a smile on the faces of these employees, the majority of whom are breadwinners.

We are also grateful to our long-time customer ArcelorMittal for an enduring partnership that spans over 16 years, which has simply been solidified by trust and performance in meeting the terms and conditions of our security contract.