A Sault, The Michigan radio station is ditching its all-sports format in favor of a mix of news, sports and conservative talk radio.

WKNW is a Sault Ste. Mary, Mich. Radio station owned by Sovereign Communications and can be found at 1400 on the AM dial.

Since its 2010 acquisition of Northern Star Broadcasting, the station has been a broadcast affiliate of ESPN Sports Radio, says Keith Neve, Chief Operating Officer of Sovereign. Prior to this change, it had hosted conservative political shows such as The Glenn Beck Program, The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity To show.

Neve said much of the appeal of our ESPN affiliation came from the nationally syndicated morning show Mike and Mike in the Morning, hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

In 2017, the morning show duo broke up.

“Since Mike Golic retired and Greenish moved to a different part of ESPN, they went through a number of changes and weren’t really able to find the right combination and we found it wasn’t as appealing to our listeners anymore,” said Neve.

The decision was made to return the station to its talk radio roots, which took effect on January 3.

“In today’s politically charged society, there’s usually more interest in the issue of the day than in sports, so we’ve basically gone back to what the station was like a decade ago,” said Neve. “It goes back to how it was 1,400 years ago, which is a mix of news, talk and sports.”

Listeners will now hear The Steve Gruber Show in the morning slot from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Gruber’s The show is aired by Michigan Talk Network and will be more relevant to many Michigan residents than was the nationally broadcast Mike and Mike Show.

After the weekday morning slot, talk programming continues until 6 p.m., when the station switches to sports until the following morning.

“We’ve been very selective about what shows we put on,” said Neve. “Wendy Bell is a relative newcomer to the conservative world of conversation. Next in line are Clay Travis and Buck Sexton replacing Rush Limbaugh in his timeslot, then Glen Beck, who was our morning switchboard on 1400 returns in the afternoon, and then connecting with Fox Sports overnight. ”

Neve said he expects many Canadians to listen to the new format.

“Canadian listeners have always followed the issues presented on these talk stations. With the proximity to the US border and the influence of US policy on them, that bodes well,” he said.

An example is the Steve Gruber Show.

“One of his most common topics that you will hear all the time is line 5, which concerns all of us,” said Neve of Gruber’s Pin up. “It is a Canadian company and it is crucial for the delivery of oil and natural gas to Canadian provinces. It’s pretty important to you guys.

WKNW is one of 17 radio stations operating in the Upper Peninsula by Sovereign Communications.