RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Radio station B93.9 New Country has partnered with Salon Alchemy to offer free haircuts to students in preparation for the new school year.

According to B93.9’s Trevor Morini, the event represents an effort by the station to help the community as inflation and high prices continue to impact families.

“We just know that there are so many expenses parents have this year with rising inflation,” Morini said. “School supplies are more expensive, everything is more expensive, so taking one less expense off the list for parents is what we’re aiming for.”

The Alchemy Lounge, usually closed on Mondays, opened for the special event to help students look sharp. About 40 appointments were scheduled for the day with drop-in visits, Morini said.

It remains the first event of its kind for the show, according to stylist Shea Rieper, who said she hopes to make it available every year in the future.

“It’s really great because we’ve never done anything like this as a salon, so it’s nice to have this opportunity,” Rieper said.

Morini said the event is B93.9’s way of demonstrating its presence and similarities to the community.

“Radio stations are the fabric of communities,” Morini said. “And we just want to show that we’re here with you and we live in the same place you do, we drive the same streets, and we have the same day-to-day concerns about spending and everything.”

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