Pictured: Gabriella Marchant and Dr. Bonita Mason, UniSA

The winners of the SA Media Awards 2022 have been announced, after being unveiled at a cocktail party in Adelaide on Saturday June 25.

ABC’s Gabriella Marchant has been named 2022 Journalist of the Year.

The judges said Gabriella’s entry, “Rhys’s Final Wish,” which won four additional categories at the Awards, moved them to tears.

“Gabriella is a skilled and compassionate storyteller. Her strong sense of social justice underpins her work. Not only did Gabriella highlight community welfare issues and policy failures, but she also showed how residents adopt or propose their own solutions.His adherence to ethical principles has struck a perfect balance between impact and sensitivity.

“Gabriella’s article on Rhys Habermann beautifully tackled a difficult topic. Telling the tragic story of this family in such a sensitive way, and with such focus on the wider implications of their experience, required careful attention to detail and balance. Approaching the subject of suicide with taste and sensitivity is also a delicate balance to strike, and Gabriella handled it perfectly: giving only the minimum of details about the act itself, while not concealing the heartbreaking impact it had. he had on the family. Gabriella demonstrates great flexibility and storytelling prowess as a journalist. Judges can’t speak loud enough.

“Congratulations to all of tonight’s finalists and winners. The quality of work coming from South Australia is among the best in the country, and it was a great pleasure to be here to celebrate it. MEAA Regional Manager for WA, NT and SA, added Tiffany Venning.

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance congratulates all 2022 finalists and winners.

Read on to see the full list of winners.

2022 SA Media Awards Winners

Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Criticism supported by the Judith Neilson Institute
Tom Richardson, InDaily“Politics and Sports”

Best Rural/Regional Journalist supported by Stories Well Told
Gabrielle Marchant, ABC News, ABCs online and ABCRadio the world today, “body of work”

Coverage of public service journalism supported by SACOSS
Gabrielle Marchant, ABCs online and ABC 7:30 a.m.“Rhys’ Last Wish”

sports journalism supported by Media Super
Michael McGuire, The advertiser“This sporting life”

Investigative journalism supported by Media Super
patrick martin and Nicholas HarmsonABC, “South African Parliament spending scandal continues”

Independent contribution supported by the Adelaide Economic Development Agency
Daniel ClarkFoxtel History Channel, Binge and South Africa weekend“body of work”

visual storytelling supported by the Judith Neilson Institute
Lincoln Rothall and Evelyne Leckie, ABC News“A Line in the Sand”

Best Radio/Current News or Reportage supported by Media Super
Sean Fewster and Daniel PanozzoFIVEaa, “Just Lawful – The Hillier Triple Murders”

Best Television/Video Reporting supported by Media Super
Hannah Food, 7NEWS Adelaide“Port Hughes Murder”

Best TV News or Feature Film supported by the Judith Neilson Institute
Gabrielle MarchantABC 7:30 a.m.“Rhys TV’s Last Wish”

Best Print/Text Reporting supported by the University of South Australia
Gabrielle Marchant ABCs online“Rhys’ Last Wish Online”

Best Lifestyle News or Article supported by the University of South Australia
Gabrielle MarchantABC Online, “Rhys’ Last Wish Online”

The Max Fatchen Prize for Best Young Journalist supported by the Judith Neilson Institute
Whetham Beak, ABC landline and ABCs online“Stories of Hope”

Julie Duncan Memorial Award for Student Journalism supported by the University of South Australia
Sarah Hermann

Journalist of the Year supported by the University of South Australia
Gabrielle MarchantABC

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