Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital will benefit from a state-of-the-art multimedia streaming center, a “Seacrest Studio”, made possible by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

According to a hospital statement, the new Seacrest Studio will allow children to explore television, radio and other media while in hospital.

“We are delighted and honored to welcome Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital to the RSF family,” Seacrest said. “Each Seacrest studio is created with the goal of bringing exciting and challenging adventures that spark joy in patients and their families during their treatment. I look forward to partnering with such an amazing hospital to bring that excitement to Salt.” Lake City and introduce the community to the wonders of radio, television and new media.

The studio is expected to open next year and will be located in the main hall of Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital.

The announcement was made by Ryan Seacrest himself on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan”.

“This Seacrest Studio will create an opportunity for children to feel included and special during their hospital stay and can become an important part of a child’s recovery,” said Spencer Hardy, Director of Family Support Services at the Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital. “Once you find the right thing to bring someone out of their shell, it completely changes the way they view the hospital and their treatment.”

Seacrest Studios is a charity of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, started by radio and TV star Ryan Seacrest and his family. The aim of the foundation is to “contribute positively to the healing process of children and their families during their stay in hospital”.

The Primary Children’s Hospital has a CCTV system that allows carers and young patients to host segments and participate in call-in programs with other patients in the hospital. The new studio will connect to the current television system and improve its capabilities, allowing more children to participate in broadcast activities.

“Providing safe and engaging experiences for patients during their stay in hospital is an essential part of their recovery, well-being and continued development as children,” said Katy Welkie, Chief Executive Officer of the Primary. Children’s Hospital and Vice President of Intermountain Children’s Health. “We are thrilled to house a new Seacrest studio at Primary Children’s Hospital to give our patients another way to express themselves and lift their spirits in our healing environment.”

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has 11 other studios at children’s hospitals across the country, and plans to open several new studios in 2023.