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Ryan Day Radio Show: Ryan Day assesses Ohio State’s performance in the first half of the season, Chris Holtmann shares his thoughts on the men’s basketball team

The Buckeyes won’t play a football game this weekend, but Ryan Day still led his weekly radio show to discuss Ohio State’s first six games and explain where his team can go from here.

For the final segment of the show, Chris Holtmann joined the show to review the men’s basketball team games in the Bahamas this summer and talk about recruiting, Judge Sueing, the Buckeyes trip to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational and Transfer Portal.

Here are some of the highlights from The Ryan Day Radio Show on 97.1 The Fan:

Ryan Day

On the importance of winning the first game on the road

  • ‘The first game is the biggest game’, but added that the first time a team hits the road is ‘probably the second’ biggest game for a team due to the home advantage of the opposition .

  • “It was unique this year that it took until week 6 to hit the road, but it was good to get the win.”

On the pick-six thrown by CJ Stroud

  • Day said CJ Stroud thought Emeka Egbuka would have a problem because of the media coverage. However, Egbuka ran a vertical seam, which led to the interception.

  • Day said “no one was scared off” by the pick six because it was “such a weird game” based solely on miscommunication between Stroud and Egbuka.

Being aggressive inside the opponent’s 40-yard line

  • “We like to stretch the pitch vertically in this area of ​​the pitch.”

  • Day said Ohio State “wants to be aggressive in all areas of the field” but likes the freedom of being inside the opponent’s 40-yard line in terms of shooting down the line. end zone and play with four tries instead of three.

On Michigan State games, first six weeks of play

  • “I think we play good complementary football at all levels.”

  • Day said both offense and defense were fully confident the other side of the ball would work well once the game started and throughout the game.

  • “I think all three phases, as we head into the second half of the season, have to keep playing together.”

On the depth of play in the first half of the season

  • “It’s good to have work for these guys during the week off.”

  • Day said he hopes playing deep in the first six games will pay off in the second half of the season when Ohio State faces tougher opponents like Iowa, Penn State and Michigan.

On Miyan Williams, TreVeyon Henderson

  • “You see in back-to-back weeks where both guys have had to carry the load, which is good.”

  • “The holes are there, but they are hard.”

  • “The week off gives us a chance to get healthy so they can both be ready for the Iowa game.”

  • Day said TreVeyon Henderson would have returned to the Michigan State game had the score been closer. He said “it was a good time to bring Dallan (Hayden) in there.”

On Marvin Harrison Jr.

  • Day said “we drill this all the time…it’s an amazing practice” in reference to Marvin Harrison Jr.’s third touchdown that required special stunts. “No, it’s a God-given ability,” he laughed.

  • “The thing for me about Marvin is that he’s disciplined… If you asked guys, ‘Who’s the toughest person on the team?’ I think they would say Marvin Harrison Jr.”

  • Day said Harrison is incredibly disciplined and that’s what allows him to play at such a high level. Day believes his combination of God-given talent and hard work makes him the best in the country at receiver.

On Ohio State’s defense against Michigan State, the security room

  • “When our first band was there, it was really good.”

  • Day said the Ohio State defense lives and dies with defensive line play.

  • “Lathan had the big play. He took a lot of ground on that interception… A lot of guys, they fall to the ground and that ball pops up and hits the ground.”

  • “Ronnie Hickman’s game has been great for us…He’s been really good.” Day said Hickman has also been a terrific leader for the Buckeyes, especially in the safe room.

  • Day said the safe room has one of the best depths on the team with Ransom, Hickman, Josh Proctor, Tanner McCalister, Cam Martinez and others.

On Iowa, his defense

  • “It’s consistency. Their defensive coordinator has been there for a long time… They know how teams want to attack their defence.”

  • “They play week after week the same way.”

  • Day said Iowa recruits “into a system” of defense that helps them create an identity on this side of football. “That’s why they’ve been so good over the years. They’re tough.”

On the Ohio State schedule during rest week

  • Each coach will recruit during the bye week, Day said. “Monday we are on the road to recruit. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we have training… Friday we recruit and Saturday is our only day off.”

  • Day said Ohio State players will have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and away from the facility, but he said there was “a quick turnaround” as the Buckeyes return to practice Monday.

On how he wears a black hat for every game

  • Day said he always wears a black hat for his matches. “It happened naturally, but I also think it’s good that Woody Hayes wore one back then, so now I’m wearing one.”

  • That tradition started for Day when he was acting coach at Ohio State in 2018. He said someone in the program put a black hat and other gear in his locker before the game. Oregon State, so he wore it then, against TCU and made it a tradition after that.

On the academic performance of his players in the first six weeks

  • Day said the Ohio State players are doing well with their academics, but admits “it’s a work in progress.”

  • Day said some players do better than others in class and that the Buckeyes “demand a lot” of their players to perform well on the court and in class.

  • Successful players are incredibly disciplined and have learned the balance necessary to be a good student and a good athlete.

About CJ Stroud

  • Day said all Stroud wanted to do this season was win football games this season. He thinks Stroud’s stats will follow if that mindset is at the forefront of his mind for the rest of the year.

  • Day said there have been several different play scripts for Ohio State to win games this season, but Stroud has remained consistent in his approach. After six games, Day said Stroud’s stats were among the best in the nation due to his consistency.

  • “He’s playing at the highest level compared to most guys in the country.”

Chris Holtman

On football matches helping with recruitment

  • “It’s a great opportunity to showcase this place.”

  • “It’s been great for our recruits… Our recruiting is at the highest level ever.”

  • Holtmann said Ohio State’s 2022 class ended well, and he thinks the 2023 and 2024 classes can be just as talented and impactful for the Buckeyes.

In his team dealing with recruiting weekends in the fall

  • Holtmann said his program had been fast for five weeks, but “now it’s starting to slow down.”

  • Holtmann said “NASA would have been proud of the coordination we put in place” for basketball visitors for the football team’s Notre Dame game. “It was wild.”

  • Holtmann said there were a lot of players who visited officially and unofficially and joked that the fans can understand who he is talking about either way. For unofficial, he likely refers to Bronny James, son of NBA star LeBron James.

On the lawsuit

  • “He is so important to us.”

  • Holtmann said losing Zed Key last season for some games hurt the Buckeyes. “He has multi-dimensional skills…We really missed him last year.”

  • “He’s completely healthy now, thank God, and we really hope and pray that he has the last season of college basketball he deserves.”

  • Holtmann said Ohio State can maximize Sueing’s talent by using him as a point guard. He believes Sueing’s versatility to play on the wing as a guard and up front and inside as a that big allows the Buckeyes to play at a high level offensively.

During the trip to the Bahamas, playing the Puerto Rican and Egyptian teams

  • “It helped. The competition we played was better than what you usually play there, so it was a good experience for us.”

  • “We were tested there.”

  • Holtmann said some players “performed better than I thought they would,” while other players showed they might not be ready for the physicality of college basketball and playing against players. older and stronger.

Traveling to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational

  • “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

  • Holtmann said his team can take a trip like the one to the Bahamas every four years. But they can play in a tournament like the Maui Invitational every season. “It will be a really tough tournament.”

  • “We will need time to adjust our body because we will have four days before playing at Duke.”

  • Holtmann joked that the ACC and Big Ten planners did his team a disservice by scheduling the Duke game immediately after his team’s trip to Hawaii. “It’s going to be a really fun match at Cameron Indoor.”

On the transfer portal

  • Holtmann said he spoke with several coaches at Big Ten Media Days about how best to use the transfer portal to benefit their programs.

  • Holtmann said he wasn’t actively looking at the transfer portal until the end of the season. “We don’t really pay much attention to it until the end of the year,” but says Ohio State would be “foolish not to use it.”