Rob Parker: “A lot of things have changed. Back then, you had to wait for a columnist to write an article in a newspaper to hear the critics and get it published for everyone to read. Now you can go to Twitter, or turn on a podcast or the internet in general immediately after this happens and hear any criticism all the time. But I think Kevin Durant is myopic if he thinks what’s being said about him is only negative, because there’s been a positive push as well. Players have access to broadcasts and stream their own content. So it’s not just the handful of analysts who do this. Those shows that people watch because it’s “home cooking”, and that’s what KD wants and loves. Every player has benefited from the exposure on these broadcasts.

Chris Broussard: “The players and the media need each other. If the media doesn’t promote the game, promote the players and pay attention to them, the players, no matter how good they are, are just a bunch of players running around playing a game. The media puts the game on TV and turns them into celebrities. I’ll say this because I think that’s what Durant was referring to when he said the media had changed the game for the worse: Players are watched a lot more these days than they were in the past. If KD goes 7-28 and misses a game-winning shot in Tuesday’s game at Utah, he’s going to get cooked the next day on those shows. Magic, Bird, and Dr. J didn’t have to worry about what was going on.

The odd coupleit is Chris Brossard and Rob Parker discuss Kevin Durant criticize the media and say they have changed the game for the worse. Chris and Rob don’t think that’s true, as media and sport need each other to exist, but understand how he could be right on some level. What do you think of Durant’s comments? Has the sports media ruined sport?