Streaming services allow us to deliver a wide variety of content in today’s world. However, they cannot always be received on a TV. Most services require a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, most of the content can also be played on a computer screen. But it’s usually not the same if you have a large TV. This is why we have examined the TV Fix Caster today. A very easy-to-use streaming media player with the ideal features for streaming stream content to the big TV. Let’s explain all the details and see what’s behind it.

What is TV Fix Caster?

If you’re using a streaming service these days, you’ll usually want the ability to play the content on a large TV. But that doesn’t work for most services. The TV Fix Caster is designed exactly for this task and is also very easy to use. It has all the advantages, such as no playback lag, instant streaming and much more. It’s also incredibly easy to connect. The manufacturer puts the following elements in the foreground:

– No delay on reading, no delays.

– Instant broadcast

– Full HD quality with 1,080 pixels possible

– Compatible with Wi-Fi

– Many streaming services are supported

– Easy installation via HDMI

Basically, it’s the perfect way to deliver streaming to regular TV without any lag or loss of quality. The TV Fix Caster is simply connected to the TV via HDMI, fed into the home WLAN and can immediately bring the content of a streaming service to the large TV without delay or hassle. In addition, there is good picture and sound quality.

What are the quality characteristics of TV Fix Caster?

Unfortunately, there is no certificate or seal of quality for the TV Fix Caster. However, the manufacturer assures their customers that they are receiving a quality product that they can count on.

TV Fix Caster review and recommendation

Once you are completely honest with yourself, you will quickly admit that watching series and movies on a large TV is much better than on the small LCD screen of a tablet or smartphone. This is why the TV Fix Caster is exactly what is needed for this need. It can be easily connected and is ready to use in minutes. It does not require the purchase of an expensive receiver, which may require special skills, and plays all content without any problems. The streaming media player is highly recommended by us because it is aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy a great TV experience. All additional information and a reduced price can be found here on the official website!

General information about streaming media players

Owning a streaming media player was actually relatively difficult until now, as hardly anyone dared to do so. However, this TV Fix Caster is a product that you don’t have to work on for a long time to transmit the content of a streaming service. The streaming media player is simply connected to the TV via HDMI and can then be immediately connected to your own WLAN. This is also where the streaming takes place. The streaming media player is built into any streaming software, so the user just has to go to the platform, select its content, and then tap on a certain icon in the top corner. Immediately after that, the content is already transferred to the screen via the device without having to adjust anything further.

The operation is therefore done via tablet or smartphone, the TV Fix Caster takes care of the rest. You can use practically any streaming service you want as they all support this procedure and thus make for a good experience on the big TV.

Reviews on TV Fix Caster

Of course, we wanted to find out a bit more exactly and searched the internet once during the search for experience reports. Because we wanted to know how satisfied people are with the streaming media player. The TV Fix Caster has been well received by most people. Its ease of use has been praised, so most people no longer want to do without the Streaming-Media Player. They equip not only their living room, but also their bedroom, in order to be able to broadcast pleasant content on their television in the evening. On the other hand, we didn’t find any negative reviews, which is why we assume most people were very happy with the streaming media player. You can find more customer reviews through this link!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the TV Fix Caster?

Each product usually has its own pros and cons, which you should be aware of before purchasing it. So, we have summarized all the pros and cons of streaming media player so that it is easier for you to decide. You can also use these lists if you are not sure whether TV Fix Caster is right for you.


– Easy handling

– No delays or lags

– Video and audio are perfectly reproduced in Full HD

– Good sound

– Supports many streaming services

The inconvenients:

– None known

As you can see, the TV Fix Caster actually only has some advantages that you can enjoy. The streaming media player is easy to connect, streams without delay and thus provides a perfect TV experience. Even the audio and picture quality is impressive, as the device broadcasts in Full HD quality.

Why do I need this streaming media player?

The TV Fix Caster is primarily aimed at people who like to be on the internet and enjoy video content. It can be someone from a younger age group, but also someone who is already a little older. Basically everyone is watching movies or Netflix these days. So they can also benefit from TV Fix Caster as well. It doesn’t matter whether the user is male or female. The connection being very simple, it is also aimed at those who normally have problems with technical devices. Because in most cases, they have no problem connecting the streaming media player. The target group is therefore quite large.

Known FAQ for this streaming media player

In this section, we will clarify the latest questions that may have arisen during the article and explain the TV Fix Caster in more detail.

Question: How long do I have to wait for delivery?

  • o A: Normally, delivery takes up to a maximum of 30 days. This is also guaranteed by the supplier. However, it always depends a bit on where you are ordering from.

Question: Is there a right of return?

  • o A: You can request a return within 60 days. Then you get your money back without any problem.

Question: What if the delivery is lost in transit?

  • o A: If the TV Fix Caster does not arrive within the specified time, you can contact the provider within 60 days. The supplier will either send a new device or search for the lost package by courier.

Where can I buy TV Fix Caster?

We clearly recommend that you buy directly from the supplier. Because only here can you be sure you get the original. The ordering process is very straightforward and even has one or the other offer that you can use. If you go to the site, there is an order form that you must complete first. Here, only the most important data is entered. Then, we simply choose how we want to pay for the TV Fix Caster. There are possibilities like Paypal or credit card. They also give the buyer good security. A few days after ordering the TV Fix Caster will be shipped, so you can expect it quite quickly.

Something about the offerings: The manufacturer publishes a few specific formats on their website, but these are available for a limited time. So if you want to use them you have to be quick and take them for as long as you can. They usually consist of several devices and give you the option of equipping not only the living room with the TV Fix Caster, but also the bedroom. Alternatively, we can of course order with a friend, so that we can share the quantity as well as the price.

TV Fix Caster – Technical data

At this point, we will again summarize all the features of the TV Fix Caster in a clear and concise manner, so that you can get an even better picture of the device:

– Full HD in resolution 1.080

– supports H.265 decoding

– 50 percent faster processing speed

– plug in and use

– for Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0 and MacOS 10

– Radio frequency: 2.4 G

– Video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB

– Audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA

– Photo formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG

– no special driver required

As you can see, the device comes with everything needed for it to work properly.

Who is the TV Fix Caster supplier?

The supplier is a company called Best Deals Ltd. The full address is: Best Deals Ltd., Beauty Avenue, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. An email address is also available and can be used at any time.

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