Former professional Rainbox Six Siege player and Rainbow Six Pro League color commentator Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley dies aged 24.

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Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley, a pillar of Rainbox Six Siege community, died suddenly at the age of 24. Stockley rose to fame on the Rainbow Six Siege scene as a pro player before moving on to commentary and analysis for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

Parker “Interro” Mackay, a former casting partner and friend of Stockley, shared a statement on Twitter regarding his friend’s passing, stating that Stockley “died unexpectedly”. Mackay later confirmed via a statement from Stockley’s family that the former caster’s death was the result of a car accident. Unfortunately, Stockley is not the first Rainbow Six Siege professional player to die this year as Next1 succumbed to COVID-19 in May.


Mackay also said in the tweet that Stockley was alone in his car and his death was “accidental”. Mackay expressed his own grief as well as many Rainbow Six Siege professional players saying he was heartbroken over the loss of his best friend. Professional players Giuliano “Krazy” Solon and Matthew “Achieved” Solomon cited Stockley as an inspiration for them to start their own professional careers and offered their condolences to the Stockley family.

Stockley had become an important part of the Rainbow Six Siege community as he accumulated approximately 443,000 subscribers by broadcasting the game on Twitch. Its impact was so great that even Ubisoft itself paid tribute to Stockley via Twitter. The company offered its condolences to the Stockley family and shared a post saying “Michael’s family requests that interested parties send a donation to a local food bank on Michael’s behalf” if they wish to honor the former pitcher of spells. The company also reported Rainbox Six Siege matches due to Stockley’s absence.

Carol “KixMom”, Stockley’s mother, reiterated how grateful she was for the continued support of Stockley fans throughout her esports and casting career. She remembered how her fans had raised funds for her to visit him in Poland when he was still new to the cast and how she always felt welcome whenever she was invited. on his stream to chat with him. “At tournaments and events, we got to see how much he was respected for his talent and dedication. As parents, we were so proud of his hard work and determination to bring you the best. are grateful for all the love and support we have experienced from so many of you. “

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