Radio students fall into six different categories

Radio Free Hillsdale students are finalists in seven categories of the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards.

Student broadcasts were nominated in six different categories, and the station as a whole is a finalist for Best College/University Radio Station for the first time in the program’s history.

Rachel Kookogey, Program Director of WRFH, said it was special that Hillsdale was nominated for this award.

“Being a finalist for Station of the Year for the very first time is especially exciting,” said Kookogey. “I see each of the radio students putting a lot of creativity and energy into their work, so I’m happy that we can receive this recognition.”

Kookogey said the variety of nominated categories reflects the diversity of programming.

“I was thrilled to see how many different categories we were nominated for this year – it’s a testament to the wide variety of great material our students can produce,” she said.

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System is an organization founded in 1940 that consists of more than 1,000 education-affiliated nonprofit radio stations and broadcasts.

Freshman Jillian Parks co-hosts “The Social Mediators,” which was nominated as a finalist for the Best Talk program.

“It’s so exciting to represent Hillsdale as a finalist,” Parks said. “My co-host Garrett and I are both freshmen, so we didn’t think we were quite in the running. It was a good reminder that even though we both have a lot to learn and change while working on the show, we are still capable and have something good to offer the radio station and the general campus.

Parks said she’s learned not to be afraid to speak up about important issues this year.

“The biggest lesson I learned in my semester as a radio student is that if you think you have something to say, someone will probably take the time to listen to it,” Parks said. .

Nick Treglia, co-host of ‘The Loft,’ which was nominated for best comedy program, said he was proud of the work done by his radio mates.

“It’s nice that a school as small and relatively unknown as Hillsdale punches well above its weight in these awards,” Treglia said. “We have a ton of other shows, newsletters, and features that were also nominated, which is great for the program as a whole.”

Treglia said her show gave her the freedom to speak freely and invite others to join in the fun of recording.

“It gives me an outlet for all the silly things I like to think about and like to talk about,” he said. “It’s also great fun to involve people I know. I like to bring friends if they have a soapbox they want to ride or if I need someone to play a character in a skit. I just like working through the creative process with people.

Treglia said he learned many lessons as a radio student beyond recording and producing.

“If you have something you’re passionate about and you’re willing to outdo anyone, you’ll be successful,” Treglia said.

Scot Bertram, Managing Director of WRFH, explained how the students involved in radio devote a great deal of their time and talent to making this program a success.

“Producing these shows and stories, as well as covering live sporting events and anchoring newscasts, takes more time and effort than a lot of people realize,” Bertram said. “Our students find time out of busy schedules to plan, perform and edit these entertaining and informative programs on a regular basis, providing fresh content for the station. I am proud of the dedication so many students give to WRFH.

Bertram described what an accomplishment it is to be nominated for the award for Best College/University Radio Station.

“Six years ago, WRFH was launched and built from the ground up,” Bertram said. “To now have the chance to be named the best resort in the country is not only a testament to the hard work of our current students, but it is also an honor shared by all the graduates who have worked here during their time in Hillsdale. .”

Bertram said the award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication shown by all radio students.

“This award is an assessment of the radio station as a whole, not just individual hosts or programs,” he said.