Listeners who tuned in to Galway Bay FM this morning laughed at a candidate’s hilarious responses to the breakfast quiz.

A clip of the segment was shared on Twitter and it’s fair to say people couldn’t get enough.

The hilarious interaction involving the woman named Sarah took place on the show Mollie in the Morning.

Hosts Mollie and Ollie could barely contain their laughter long enough to ask the next question.

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“A pool table has six, a man has two and before the host could even finish, Sarah let loose ‘balls!’

The supposed answer they were looking for was pockets.

When asked to name a four-legged animal that lives in Africa, she answered “racehorse”.

“It’s a big building, there’s one in Mountjoy, there’s one in Castlerea, there’s one in Cloverhill,” the host continued after regaining his composure.

This was quickly lost as the contestant quickly joked “Aldi!”

“Oh my God sorry,” Sarah said realizing her mistake.

Twitter users couldn’t get enough of Sarah and her responses.

“Absolutely on gas,” one person commented.

“A round of applause for the poor woman,” wrote another.

Although she clearly didn’t win, people tweeted that they thought Sarah deserved the hoodie she was competing for.

“I would give him the hoodie for the entertainment value,” one wrote.

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