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20 years on the air earns broadcast award for Portland, Maine program. “Offline” combines audio theater from famous authors with gripping interviews and comedy.

Creative audio production by Michael Townsend with animation and narration by former New Yorker Magazine narrator Dan Bernard.

—Dan Bernard

PORTLAND, ME, USA, Oct. 25, 2022 / — “Speech is immersive. There’s nothing like hearing another human voice tell you a compelling story. Storytelling is an ancient tradition of the human race, and an “Offline”, winner of the Maine Association of Broadcasters first place award for feature films.

“The thing is, we didn’t even know our show had been entered into the contest, so when station management suggested we sit down first, it made sense. For years, Michael Townsend and I have makes quirky, quirky, fun, edgy, edgy-radio creations mixed with comedy, edgy topics, high-profile writers, local and international voice talent. We’ve really honed our approach with Covid hitting the station hard and needing pre-recorded programming. Suddenly we were working remotely while finding a very personal side to what we were producing.”

The half-hour program typically features Bernard hosting and often telling vintage sci-fi, detective tales or local authors along with a diverse cast of actors and comedians from the New England area. , Canada and the UK “We used to do this live from the radio station with a bunch of actors, comedians and improvisers; sometimes even with live sound effects and live musicians. sometimes we improvise a whole program based on a loose structure. But our fake pre-recorded commercials gave the actors some breathing space between the acts!”

The current incarnation of the program features Bernard and other performers of vintage and other sci-fi, as he sometimes shares production duties with executive producer Michael Townsend. “I’ve been supporting Dan for over 20 years, what’s a few more?” Townsend jokes. “We will soon be interviewing Bill Schnee, multiple Grammy-winning producers, based on our mutual love of music and the recording process. Join us?”

Offline airs every Wednesday night at 7pm EST, streaming and archived as well:

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