Sheppey FM, a community radio station in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, played the Prince of Wales’ favorite songs while visiting the town with wife Camilla

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Sheppey FM

Prince Charles received his own special request radio show as he toured Kent County for the day.

Sheppey FM, a community radio station in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, played the Prince of Wales’ favorite songs from the throne during his visit to the town with wife Camilla.

The playlist during the 46-minute royal visit was an eclectic mix, ranging from Givin’ Up, Givin’ In her old favorites The Three Degrees to La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf, Inside Out by Diana Ross, and Charles Trenet crooning La Mer.

But when Charles and Camilla popped into the studio and he was asked to choose a favourite, he came up with something not on the list: “I’ll tell you, if you have anything by Jools Holland”, he said, giving a namecheck to his old friend, a regular visitor to Sandringham when the prince is in residence during the summer. “He lives in Kent. »

The Prince of Wales speaks to members of the public during his visit to historic Chatham Dockyard in Kent



Presenters Maz Camilleri and Anna Gillingham-Sutton, who said they had Googled the prince’s favorite songs, found him a song FEATURING Holland and Ruby Turner, You Are So Beautiful.”

The royal couple took a day of fighting in Kent to celebrate people and businesses in the country often dubbed the garden of England.

Much to the delight of locals the Duchess of Cornwall was joined by her rescue dog, Beth, to take on TV star Paul O’Grady and his abandoned pup, Sausage, in a canine showdown.

The two pooches go head-to-head in a dog training game called ‘Temptation Alley’ where contestants are asked to ignore the dog treats and toys on either side of them and run straight to their owner at the other side.

The Duchess of Cornwall with Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady during her visit to the Battersea Dogs and Cats drop-in center in Brands Hatch, Kent



Camilla, 74, was at Battersea Rural Dogs and Cats Home in Brands Hatch, Kent, in her role as patron of the charity.

She re-homed two Jack Russell Terriers through the organization, Beth and her pal Bluebell – who also attended, but deemed too naughty to take part.

O’Grady is a Battersea Ambassador and has been filming her hit TV show, For the Love of Dogs, where Camilla and Beth will star.

As she walked Camilla was delighted to see “Bethy” already waiting and made a loud noise. “What could go wrong!” she laughed rolling her eyes.

As the pair said to get their pooches ready, O’Grady jokingly announced, “Mine don’t speak English!” She is from Romania and has a Polish chip! »

The Duchess of Cornwall goes on a walk with Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady and a rescue dog



Speaking after the visit, he praised the Duchess’ engagement to Battersea, saying: “I do love it.

“She’s great. What I think is wonderful is that she had gotten two dogs from here too. She puts her money where her mouth is. She’s a fantastic ambassador for charity.

“If sausage and I were going to lose to everyone, it might as well be her!” »

Earlier in the day Sheppey matters, a community health organization set up Sheerness in 1994 to encourage healthier lifestyles due to concerns about high rates of disease in the area.

Camilla, 74, sat with a group of women knitting Union Jack and the Bunting themed blankets for street parties celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this summer.

“I’m afraid I’ve never been able to knit. I tried it, but it’s just one of those things,” she tells the women, admiring their work.

She and Charles also met with Syrian refugees Osama Khaled Sharkia, 25, and his family who have been helped in Settle County by the Action Network for Kent refugees after being moved to the United Kingdom by the United Nations high Commissioner for refugees.

The family arrived in Britain in 2018 after earlier in Jordan and on the run Osama is studying computer science at the University of Canterbury Christ Church. “At my age, I’m too old to learn,” Charles joked the student.

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