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Plattsburgh radio station to air localized ‘War of the Worlds’

PLATTSBURGH, NY (WCAX) – Broadcasters in Plattsburgh will bring a Halloween radio tradition to the airwaves on October 31. Radio station Z106.3 FM will broadcast “War of the ‘Worlds,'” the science fiction novel made famous by the all-too-real panic caused by a 1938 radio play by Orson Welles. But the new show comes with a twist.

When “War of the Worlds” hit the radio airwaves in 1938, declaring a Martian invasion in New Jersey, it didn’t go so well. But after film adaptations, musicals and other spin-offs, it’s now become a radio tradition.

“We tried to localize this to include landmarks that people in the area would know and to basically show it so it could be relatable,” said Amanda Dagley, general manager and co-owner of the classic hits station of Plattsburgh Z106.3. . And on Halloween, it will provide the platform for a new adaptation of the story courtesy of Tom Lavin with the Adirondack Regional Theater.

“He asked me if maybe I wanted to do ‘War of the Worlds’ on the radio and I didn’t hesitate because I think it’s cool,” Dagley said.

Lavin says it was his first time performing the play, although his father had heard the original broadcast. With a combination of local actors and radio staff, the bands recorded an hour and a half hyper-local version of the classic.

“‘In our adaptation, not only do the Martians return, but they return to the North Country,’ Lavin said. He says it includes nods to Keeseville, West Chazy and Ausable Chasm, to name a few. They hope listeners find the localized version fun and not scary.

Lavin says doing radio theater has proven to be a bit difficult. “Take all the people we have together, record them, and then have them sound like they’re on a cell phone or a two-way radio or in a car on the road,” Lavin explained.

Although it took a lot of work, Lavin and Dagley say it’s a theater of the mind that allows listeners to enter the spooky mind while painting in their minds a picture of an overgrown northern country. by aliens. “I hope it brings something a little different because not everyone wants to go out on Halloween but they still want to go on Halloween. I kind of want it to be a destination. I think a lot of good radios are destination radios. “Let’s sit around the shining eye of the radio and listen to ‘War of the Worlds,'” Dagley said.

She says the station notified local emergency services and agencies in case they received panicked phone calls after the broadcast. They are also running promos stating this is just a story and will also have a prologue before the play.

You can log in on Halloween night at 7 p.m.