Dani Cutler hasn’t assembled listeners in a crowded room to organize a fundraiser for KWSS-FM, the independent radio station that has carved out a place to the left of the dial at 93.9, since March 2020.

This show, on Pho Cao in Scottsdale, also served as a celebration of his 13th birthday at the station as an on-air personality. Cutler also manages the other DJs and assists station owner and program director Frank Magarelli with playlists and music curation.

It was a memorable evening, which went well, as these memories were to last for a while.

Less than a week after this event, Pho Cao and all other Arizona concert halls had to close due to COVID-19, with most remaining closed until things started to reopen this summer.

“The week of the show, Cheyenne, who is my honorary ‘Plus One’ and helps me plan the fundraisers, and I was discussing how the shows were ending and should we even have this one. “, remembers Cutler.

She talked about it with the bands who had agreed to play and they all agreed.

“I think everyone had a feeling that this would be the last of all live music for a while and they wanted to make their last hurray,” Cutler said.

KWSS to host multiband blowout and fundraiser

On Saturday, November 13, the station will host its first in-person fundraiser since Cutler’s 13th anniversary show, hosting a multiband blowout at Last Exit Live featuring Paper Foxes, Electric Sol, MRCH and the Numan League, a tribute to Gary Numan and the Human League.

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“It will be really nice to be with other people again,” Cutler says. “If you couldn’t tell from the lineup, we’re doing a bit of a darkwave 80s pop / new wave kind of vibe. So it’s gonna be a dance party.”

Last year, KWSS aired its fall fundraiser from Last Exit Live, where bands performed in an empty hall.

“We were there,” Cutler says. “There was no one else there. We did a live show from the green room. So I didn’t even go to see the performers on stage in the main Last Exit Ballroom because I was doing the livestream in the green room. So we kept it really safe and really separate. “

It went very well, however.

“People were just really generous,” Cutler says. “And we were very understanding. Because we’re a radio station, we were always able to provide that connection to the community with local music.”

In a year when local artists couldn’t put on concerts, Cutler and his fellow DJs helped these artists publicize their latest endeavors.

“So when we got to our fundraising campaign last year in November, everyone was very excited to help out and the live broadcasts were a lot of fun,” she says.

Live music makes a comeback in the Phoenix area

Things are looking even better for the resort since the world started to open up again.

“Now that there is more live music and more going on, people are starting to want to donate more and be a part of things,” Cutler said.

“Part of what makes money at our station, being a non-profit organization, is being able to get people to sponsor us,” says Cutler.

“So now that we are able to promote local shows in the valley, it started to pick up again, which was great. I didn’t realize until we closed how much this has been to us. affected.”

She and Magarelli found themselves crunching the numbers, Cutler says.

“And we were like, ‘Oh. Well. I guess it was really helpful. “So we’re very happy that things like this are picking up again. And now that’s good, because we can go out and see a few more concerts now.”

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COVID-19 security protocols for the event

The station will require all attendees to present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test with 72 hours of the show. They also provide free rapid tests for those who show up empty-handed.

“We are very aware of the situation, that it is still a pandemic,” Cutler said.

“But we think we can keep it safe enough while having a good time. It’s funny. You want to go out and have that big rash, but you still want to stay aware and keep people safe. best way to have fun. “

KWSS Fall Fundraiser

With: Paper Foxes, Electric Sol, MRCH and the Numan League.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday 13 November.

Or: Last live release, 717 S. Central Ave., Phoenix.

Admission: $ 20; $ 15 upfront.

Details: 602-271-7000, lastexitlive.com.

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