Peter Schrager has grown his profile to become one of the biggest members of the media covering the NFL. He relived a lesson he learned from current Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera during a appearance on Pardon my grip.

During the 2016 season, Rivera benched Cam Newton for not wearing a tie on the plane before facing the Seattle Seahawks. He was replaced by substitute Derek Anderson, who threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown in the game’s opener en route to a 40-7 loss.

In the Monday edition of Hello SoccerSchrager heavily criticized Rivera for his stance.

“The next morning I come home and I think, ‘This is my moment. I’m going to go viral. I’m going to go out and take Ron Rivera to task. I don’t know Ron Rivera from anyone, but okay, I’m going to knock him down,’ Schrager told the Barstool Sports podcast. “I get a text from Brandon Beane — who’s now the Bills’ general manager but used to be in Carolina — and he’s like, ‘Ooh boy. I just saw what you said, and Ron’s in the room with me. You should call Ron’. And I thought ‘Call Ron? I don’t know him! Maybe I liked a press conference at the Super Bowl or whatever.’

“The next week I was doing side business, looking at my FOX schedule, and you can’t catch up, I got Atlanta at Carolina,” Schrager continued. “So I gotta sit in a room – like this – with Ron Rivera. I shit a brick all week. Cause A) I’m sure there’s a reason why (I got this game) and B) I went too far with it. I’m talking about losing his job, all that. So I walk in there and Beane stops me and he’s with Steven Drummond who’s their PR guy, and they say “Ron is trying to talk to you” and I’m like “Ahh shit”.

“So I walk in and Ron reads me the riot act outside the door. ‘Who the hell do you think you are? You are nobody. You think you’re sexy, I’ve never seen you. I do not know you. And then he looks at these guys and says, ‘I’m just fucking with you.

“And he says ‘I’m just fucking with you, but everything I said is absolutely true. But let this be a lesson. Here’s my number – and you’re going to learn it by stepping into this role. I hope you don’t do this for a season. You’re going to learn this, if you have something really critical – and you want to be the Skip Bayless and you want to have that catch – here’s my number. Let’s talk before we go on air. So he can explain it, but I’m still authentic.