January 12, 2021 Photo Nick Hancock in The Valley Gardens, Harrogate. Photo Gérard Binks

So many people have listened online, on our app and on their Alexa device to find out all about life in Harrogate.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received since leaving Stray FM.

But the only question that keeps coming up is “when will you be back on the right radio?” So I am delighted that today we can finally answer this question!

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A suitable local radio will revert to a suitable radio on February 3, 2022 when Your Harrogate is available to you on DAB digital radio.

To put it another way, there are around 62 people left!

We are switching to DAB a little faster than expected.

This is only due to our brilliant listeners and the great support we have received from all local advertisers across the district.

We are so fortunate to have such a thriving and caring business community in Harrogate.

The district of Harrogate deserves its own dedicated local radio station.

Not a station in Liverpool, Leeds and London. You deserve a local, proud, positive, community-based station.

Last week showed the interest of having a real local radio …

As Storm Arwen struck, listeners called to tell us about trees blocking Pennypot Lane and crashing bus shelters on Wetherby Road and even glass falling from the sky on Parliament Street.

Last Saturday morning we had a special program with updates from Harewood House, the Town of Knaresborough, Stockeld Park and of course the Harrogate Theater which unfortunately all had to close early.

Local radio should be a good source of local information in real time.

But we should also be talking about good news! We love to celebrate all the exciting things you and your family can do in Harrogate. Tomorrow is a great example of who we all are.

We will be broadcasting a special on the first day of the Christmas party in town.

From train rides to food and drink, we’ll tell you all about it, meet the charismatic stalls and perhaps more importantly find out what the punters at Harrogate really think about it all.

I still love the idea that local radio can be a window to the rest of the world where you can still feel like you’re there too even though you’re home working!

If you listen to Your Harrogate over the weekend you will hear us lyricating about what else is happening in Knaresborough (still one of the best Christmas markets) and Ripon and of course Valley Gardens too.

We even broadcast from Lightwater Valley on Sunday mornings.

Plus, in between all of that, we’ll be playing a lot of classic Christmas carols.

Thus, you will have added Mariah, Slade and Band Aid to accompany Ed Sheeran, Adele and Little Mix.

That’s what good local radio is to me … news, fun and great music.