Comments from committee members

Kym Rowley (Chair)
We hope to be on the air before the end of the year and I am very happy to know that we will be able to broadcast local information, for example if the school is having a show or if the sports clubs want to promote an event. We want the radio station to be fully inclusive and need the community to embrace Douglas FM in the future. We will need station sponsors and benefactors to support us as we move forward to keep it on the air. Many thanks to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for helping to make this a reality and recognizing that a community station is needed in our area.

Jenni Sorensen (Treasurer)
I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this fantastic initiative for our community, it is long overdue and will fill a void in our media with the demise of the Gazette. Newsport are doing a great job with their professional online newspaper giving the Douglas Shire easy access to news and events and it is hoped that Douglas FM will work hand in hand with them to reach those who enjoy listening to the radio in their cars and homes. . It is hoped that the station will also entertain listeners along the way.

Sgt Damian Meadows (Vice President)
It is essential that the Douglas region has access to radio that reflects the ideals and expectations of our local community. I believe that community radio is a very effective and efficient means of maintaining an open and transparent dialogue within our region, it is a very positive opportunity for Douglas

Paul White (committee member)
We look forward to hearing from local sports groups, schools, student representatives, members of our community in aged care and the counties indigenous community. We will need volunteer announcers, and the station will provide a wonderful platform for up-and-coming radio presenters to learn the skills needed to enter the world of radio.

Gary White (committee member)
The Douglas Shire needs a community radio station and Douglas FM will be a perfect fit for this area and I hope governments, businesses and people together can help raise the funds needed to make this thrive now and in the future. ‘coming.

Kerrie Jamieson (Secretary)
The radio station will certainly broadcast information for older people in our community who are not computer literate. It will fulfill another role by broadcasting news, information and items of interest, especially for those who like to listen to the radio. I look forward to the community’s full support for this new venture.