A NEW community radio station focusing on a wide range of dance music has been set up in North Wales and is calling for more volunteers to get involved.

‘Drift Radio’ has been broadcasting since going live at 11.30pm on New Year’s Eve, with a staff of around 25 currently working at the station, which operates as a non-profit organisation.

The station was created by Lee Openshaw, a 1990s commercial DJ who has worked in radio since 2018, ‘Pure Cold’, a music producer and tour manager for American rapper Fatman Scoop, and Kevin Allen, who has a long history in dance and house music and a top-notch computer background.

Lee said the station was created both to diversify residents’ listening options and for volunteers and listeners to hopefully feel the mental benefits he thinks music can provide.

Lee, from Colwyn Bay, said: “We are aware that there is a wide range of dance music out there, and there was nothing locally for those genres.

“We had also been motivated by the fact that music was something known to help with mental health.

“It’s well recognized that a lot of people in the music community have mental health issues. It is partly for this reason that I got involved in radio from 2018; it was something to look forward to.

“We were looking to start this niche, if you will, of community dance music radio, to provide outlets for people interested in music who want to show off what they can do.

“It deals with ‘commercial dance music’, but also dives into house, techno, trance; we are trying to attract as many people from the community to the project.

“We had people who, for example, could do drums and bass (shows) approached us. As people get involved, we might have that later.

Drift Radio’s current performance desk. Photo: Lee Openshaw

Although currently based in Betws-yn-Rhos, with most shows pre-recorded or done remotely, Lee hopes to have a “physical studio location” for Drift Radio soon, to make it even more accessible to more people. attendees.

The station is part of the community interest group Water Abode, which specializes in dance events and radio production in North Wales, and is currently managed via a virtual cloud server, which is managed by Kevin.

Lee, meanwhile, oversees much of the station’s content and has his own “Dance Classics” show on Tuesdays, while Pure Cold is primarily responsible for the marketing aspects of Drift Radio.

Lee added his joy at how well the first two weeks on the air went for the station, and hoped that with growing popularity would also come more volunteers.

He said: “Our base at the moment is Betws-yn-Rhos, but we are in the process of trying to secure a physical studio location so we can be more accessible to members of the public who want to get involved.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s people who want to play music, marketing or social media; and we will seek to provide opportunities for local businesses to sponsor the station or shows.

“At the moment you can find us on a number of different digital outlets including Radio Garden, TuneIn, Alexa, Google smart speakers or online.

“We had lots of encouraging comments and well wishes from some of our neighboring stations, such as Bayside Radio (in Colwyn Bay), which was really appreciated. So far it’s been really positive.

“There’s a lot of people who are interested in what we do and there’s certainly a lot of appetite for the content, some of which you won’t hear from anywhere else because it’s so specialized in presenting it.”

To learn more about Drift Radio, visit: www.drift.radio.