Netflix’s hit reality series Exchange Shop returned to our screens when Season 2 released, and fans are already obsessed with the Tennessee scavenger hunt reality show.

Some people were shocked to find out that the show originated and originally started as a radio show on the American station, WRGS back to the 50s.

reality titbit are there to tell you all about how the show you love was born and what it is all about!

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Exchange shop. Image: Swap Shop Season 2 | Official trailer | netflix

Swap Shop was originally on the radio

Exchange Shop was originally launched as a radio show on WRGS and has been described as “the most reliable radio broadcast service in Hawkins County, Tennessee.”

WRGS would keep listeners informed of national and local news, which is exactly what they did during their Exchange Shop segment.

Point of Exchange Shop was to inform locals involved in collecting the latest sweet deals which listeners would then try to grab as soon as they were announced. These products could include collectibles such as cars, comic books, and creepy old clowns.

the Exchange Shop broadcast – and continues to broadcast – every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and has done so since the radio station launched in 1957.

Since its launch, it has been an exceptional success from 2022, the radio show will exist for more than 70 years.

Swap Shop takes on Netflix

Due to its immense success, netflix decided to make a show of it as a new reality TV show following the life of barterers and collectors.

The first season was launched on November 9, 2021 and was. a huge success. Fans were asking for a season 2 and netflixagain, did not disappoint.

Season 2 was released on February 16, 2022 and you can watch the episodes now.

The TV series is very similar to the radio show and follows how the cast buys, sells and trades their collectibles.

The show reflects the reality of collectors’ lives and highlights their turmoil as they attempt to close deals across the state. They also guide the audience through the jostling and swapping process, giving us our own advice along the way.



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