NAPA, CA – Wine Down Media, the flagship company of Napa Valley radio stations KVON and KVYN, announced that starting Monday, KVON has switched to 100% Spanish programming.

Renamed “MegaMix,” KVON now plays songs and artists of all genres that resonate with all Hispanic generations and is hosted by Wine Down Media personalities Gabriela Fernandez and Nicolas De Luna, according to a press release.

Gabriela is live from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays, while Nicolas is live from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the afternoon on weekdays.

“Failover is more than just a ‘station format flip’ which is very common in our industry,” said Will Marcencia, executive director of Wine Down Media, which acquired KVON and KVYN in 2017. “Le Format change reflects our commitment to the Hispanic community of Napa Valley to keep them informed, educated and entertained – disaster or not. MegaMix es Napa Fuerte [Napa Strong]. “

MegaMix will feature a large collection of trending music, classic Spanish hits and flashbacks, including favorites from Vicente Fernandez, Maluma, Juan Gabriel, Shakira, Banda El Recodo, Marc Antonio Solis, Selena and many more.

“People love to listen to multi-genre music, and the genres have faded into English and Spanish music, as we can see with artist collaborations,” said Julissa Marcencia, Chief Visionary of Wine Down Media . “We look forward to bringing this format that has never been done before in Spanish to KVON 1440 AM / 96.9 FM ‘MegaMix’.”

For many years KVON has hosted a Spanish Sunday morning show, “La Voz del Valle”, hosted by Nicolas De Luna, but this is the first time the radio station has been fully Spanish since its first broadcast date on December 17, 1947., when the Mayor of Napa, SJ Cinnamond, ceremoniously pulled the switch.

“KVON brings back wonderful memories for generations to come back to my family,” said Liz Alessio, Napa City Council member. “From news and talk shows, to a variety of music and, most importantly, a clearinghouse for natural disasters. KVON has changed over the years as the needs and wants of our community have changed. I am thrilled and very proud of KVON’s next venture as a home for our Spanish speakers, while KVYN will be there for our English speakers. This fantastic decision reflects the people of Napa Valley with fairness and inclusion. Another big step for make Napa strong! “

Over the decades, KVON has known several owners, including revered community member Tom Young. Notable English speaking alumni of KVON include George Carl, Henry Mulak, Mikel Herrington, Margie Shafer as well as Barry Martin and Ira C. Smith, both of whom will relocate to sister station, KVYN.

Listeners can listen to the new format on 1440 AM / 96.9 FM streaming at or by using the “Play KVO N” Smart Speaker control.