“…I think all of these things are things that a lot of fans want to hear and know about, especially young budding players, amateur players want to understand the kind of thing, how do they do it in the big leagues. … I think it’s incumbent on us to be able to understand that and to be able to do it concisely during a game without detracting from the baseball game itself.

“One thing I learned when I left ESPN for 2 and a half years to coach with the Marlins and then went to the Astros where analytics and numbers were important, I think they were very forward -thinkers, and one thing that they’ve been emphasizing a lot is that ‘OK, we have all this data, but we better have people who understand how to communicate this data to players.’

“The coaches had to buy in, but the most important thing is that the players have to buy in and understand it.

“I think from where it was in 2013 to where we are now, the players really embraced it. They grew up with it.”

And coverage will increase this year.

Hawksley Sports Radio Days

Well-known local comedian and Dobbs Tire & Auto pitchman Craig Hawksley, who recently died aged 69, also had a brief stint on sports radio. And we mean brief.