GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Local media groups here have denounced alleged harassment by a barangay president against two radio journalists while he was providing media coverage of a reported vote-buying incident in Glan, La province of Sarangani, last Thursday (5 May).

Jazztein Jubelag, chairman of the Regional Police Bureau-12 Press Corps, has asked the Sarangani Provincial Police Bureau to investigate the incident involving Big Margus Village Chairman Joemar Jandoc who allegedly harassed Ray Sabillo and Alfie Mones, reporters for Radio Mindanao Network-Gensan, while covering the alleged vote-buying incident involving Jandoc inside his residence in Barangay Big Margus Glan.

Reporters claimed they went to Jandoc’s home after learning there was a commotion involving the said barangay official and mayoral candidate, Alano Abdulhasim.

Aldulhasim swooped down on the house of Jandoc who allegedly handed out money to voters in favor of Glan vice-mayor James Yap, a mayoral candidate.

The enraged Abdulhasim, a retired Marine colonel, allegedly broke into the village chair compound and caught handing out cash to the villagers in support of his rival Yap.

Sabillo said Jandoc threatened them as they tried to cover up the incident.

He claimed that Jandoc and his cronies ganged up on Mones while the latter was taking videos of the incident.

The unrest was quelled after Glan’s police chief, Lt. Col. Giovanni Ladeo, arrived in the area.

Collar. Nicomède Olaivar, Sarangani police director, had ordered an investigation into the allegations of harassment against the two reporters.

Olaivar asked Sabillo and Mones to file a formal complaint against Jandoc.

Glan election official Roy Lacap said he would investigate allegations made by Abdulhasim, who is set to file a formal vote-buying complaint against Jandoc.

Apart from the vote-buying charges, Abdulhasim said he would file an administrative complaint against Jandoc with the Ministry of Interior and Local Government for engaging in partisan politics during the election campaign.

Jandoc denied allegations that he harassed the two journalists, saying he welcomed the filing of charges against him.