Before Max Caster became a professional wrestler, he graduated in broadcasting, which led him to perform rap songs.

Caster is known for his diss track before matches and he hopes to continue honing his mic skills away from AEW and when his in-ring career is over.

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“I don’t think about it much, but it’s something I still want to do,” Caster said on Sports Generals when asked about a future in broadcasting after his wrestling career. “I’ve been in talks with Anthony (Bowens) and put feelers there to do a radio show as part of The Acclaimed. After the fight…funny story, I only started to training to wrestle because I wanted to be a commentator and I didn’t know how else to get into wrestling. A few months later, my trainer told me, “You’re too good to just be a commentator.” Since then, I’ve been like, ‘Okay, so I won’t do that.’ After wrestling, of course, I’d love to. I love broadcasting, especially sports broadcasting. rest of my life or after my career, that would be great.

Currently, Caster & Bowens are one of the best tag teams in AEW, although they just lost the January 19 episode of AEW Dynamite to Sting & Darby Allin.

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