Max Caster is becoming known only for his in-ring work, but also for his pre-match diss raps, and he discussed doing them in a new interview. Roulette spoken with Busted Open Radio for a new interview and talked about his rhymes he does before his fights, noting that he started out nervous but grew to love doing them.

Discussing his pre-game verses, Max Caster said (by Fighter), “I feel like it’s my life’s work; beat people up and also troll people. That’s what I’ve done all my life. Fighting, trolling people, whether on the internet or in person. It’s so much fun. For [Tony Khan] to see that he is a guy who lives his true personality. “Let’s put it on TV and see what they can do.

He continued: “Then the mantra I have is to just ‘keep working harder’. That’s really important to me, the ‘harder’ part. You can keep working hard, but if you work harder you will always get better. The rap started and I was a little nervous because we had no music or headphones. Now it’s a well oiled machine and we keep working harder and trying to push back boundaries. That’s the best part of my job.

Caster is ready for the Casino Battle Royale at AEW Double or Nothing tonight.