AEW star Max Caster of The Acclaimed has responded to recent praise from veteran WWE Superstar John Cena.

We noted last month how Cena praised Caster for his in-ring work and rapping on the mic. Cena said he didn’t think he could beat Caster in a fight. He then praised Caster as being extremely talented and revealed how he passed his details to Caster. Cena also called Caster the best version of the character he created in WWE. You can click here for Cena’s full comments.

In an update, Caster recently participated in a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles, and was asked about Cena’s comments. Caster said Cena was a big influence for him and the person who brought him back into professional wrestling.

Caster was asked if he could beat Cena in a rap battle. He noted that it’s not about being better than Cena at rhyming, but about paying homage. He also addressed those who say he is a rip-off of Cena’s Dr. Thuganomics character.

“That’s a great question,” Caster said when asked if he could beat Cena in a rap battle. “John was very, very nice to me and when he didn’t need it. He reached out and he made it public so I’m allowed to say it now so he reached out and then he publicly said things about me in Forbes and that means a lot to me. So there was never any talk of beating him in a rap battle. This is about trying to get past the perspective of people saying I’m a Thuganomics scam. Am I to a certain extent? Maybe. He has a huge influence on me, one of my favorite wrestlers.

“The guy, I’ll say in 2004, brought me back to watching wrestling. So I take that energy and propel it forward and say, maybe there are people now in 2022 even last year who have fallen from the struggle they hear there is this guy who’s rapping wrestling now and he’s doing these disses and they’re hilarious and you look at it and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s my guy.’ You listen to the mixtapes, the songs or the diss tracks that I put out, the music videos, you go, ‘Wow, this guy actually has skills.’

Caster continued, “So for me, it’s not about beating John in anything. It’s about honoring and respecting and elevating what he’s done and I think by his own admission I’m here, I’m doing it, and I hope to continue to do it.

Caster has been working singles matches while partner Anthony Bowens recovers from a knee injury. He came up short against Keith Lee on the March 18 edition of Rampage, defeated Sonny Kiss on the March 28 Elevation episode, lost to CM Punk on the March 30 Dynamite, then lost to the new ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe on April 6. Dynamite.

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