Lorde launched her own personally curated station on Sonos Radio. Her station, SOLARSYSTYM, is available through the Sonos app and features music from herself and those who inspired her, with a nostalgic look at her life and musical journey.

A press release explains that SOLARSYSTYM “introduces listeners to the moments when music left a crucial mark, like school bus CDs, its exhausting purchase of Drake’s Take care of yourselfand songs like ABBA’s “SOS” that let her know she wanted to make music.”

In a statement on the new station, Lorde said: “SOLARSYSTYM is like stepping into my brain, giving listeners a front row seat to the songs that have meant a ton to me and my life. It’s a collection of shapes, gravitationally bound, a handful of planets, dozens, more dwarf planets and countless small rocks, all reflecting light from a sun, these are the shapes that have changed my path for the better.

Lorde joins a roster of artists with Sonos radio stations that includes Erykah Badu, Brian Eno, D’Angelo, FKA twigs, Björk and Thom Yorke, among others.

Earlier this year Lorde, who is currently on tour in support of her 2021 album Solar energyspoke about a viral video of his silent crowds during important moments on his live show.